NICESA UNIPORT Inaugurated; as Omopeloye Charges Students to explore NICESA opportunities to build their Career

The inauguration ceremony of NICESA University of Port Harcourt chapter took place on Friday 16th November 2012 at the faculty of engineering seminar room Choba campus.

The event commenced on the arrival of the Port Harcourt chapter chairman of the Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers (NICE), the person of Engr. Dr. Solomon Orumu who also was representing the National Chairman, Engr Amos Omopeloye. He was also accompanied by the NICE PH chapter secretary and assistant secretary.

NICESA UNIPORT Inaugurated; as Omopeloye Charges Students to explore NICESA opportunities to build their CareerThe NICE PH chapter chairman on arrival was received by the Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers, Student Affiliate (NICESA) coordinator, Mr. Nwankwo Felix and the NICESA PRO MR. Fieve Eghove who took the NICE EXECUTIVES on a courtesy visit to the head of department of Civil Engineering, Professor Lenton T, who was with other senior lecturers of the department. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, the HOD lead the NICE PH chairman and his team to the venue of the event, where the inauguration ceremony is to take place with student already seated.

The HOD professor Lenton T, gave his welcome address and specially thanking the National Chairman for bringing the profession closer to students stating that it is a step in the right direction that will have a positive impact on the student and also help them after graduation from the university.

The NICE PH chapter chairman, Engr. Dr. Orumu in his address, thanked the HOD and staff of the department of civil engineering for their warm welcome. He thereafter spoke to the students on career development. He assured them they chose the right profession with lots of prospects after graduation. However they must stat that with hard work and diligence in their school academic work and the sky will be their limit.

The NICE PH Secretary general, Mr. Fubara Fubara, who works with Timarif in Rivers state, advised the students to be good ambassador of the profession while on campus and also take their academic work serious.

Other lecturers addressed the listening student s and advised them on what to do to be a successful civil engineer in the future. Some of the lecturers are Engr. Dr. Tam Jones, surveyor Kashem A. Raheem.

The NICE student Coordinator, Mr. Felix Nwankwo spoke extensively on the benefits of being an affiliate of NICE, he went further to state her vision and mission and also the progress she has made so far. He also encouraged the students to be good ambassador and finally assured the students that the future of engineering in Nigeria is bright.

The NICE PH chapter chairman delivered the inaugural speech of the National Chairman if NICE Engr. A.A Omopeloye which reads. In his word, Omopeloye said: “Today marks another milestone in the development of the Civil Engineering profession in our country. This is essentially so because a child well nurtured from the cradle would grow to be a socially responsible adult in the future.’

‘The making of a professional Civil Engineer is categorized into two main part, namely the pursuit, acquisition and development of the technical intellect of an individual on one hand and the application of this intellect into real life situation on the other hand . The first part which involves the academic trainings such as the one you are undergoing now, is integral to feature successfully in the latter part which is in practicing stage .At this point I must stress that those of you involved the affairs of this association are at an advantage because your involvement gives you opportunities to interact with the parent body ( NICE) which facilitates the promotion of the continuing professional development and ultimate empowerment of the Civil Engineer.”

Speaking further, Omopeloye said: “Your membership of the institution avails you the privilege of interacting with senior engineers whose wealth of experience you can gain immensely from. Also, your interaction with the national body prepares you for post-graduation experience and that acquaints you with the challenges you are likely to face after leaving school and how to overcome them. I charge you not to be discouraged at the seeming gloomy picture that the society paints for students after graduation. I personally believe that there is a future for the young Nigerian civil engineer. I assure you there are several opportunities awaiting you out there but to be able to exploit them adequately, you must also be prepared.” He said

“One of the steps in the right direction of such preparations is for you to pay attention to class work, that is the technical education offered by your institution and participate fully in the activities of the association being lunched today. Permit me to conclude this address with the sayings of a popular American talk show lady , Oprah Winfrey and I quote “ good luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity “ I wish you a successful take off. ”

After the Inaugural Speech, Engr. Dr. Orumu presented the NICE 2012 Year Book and directory of members to the head of department of civil engineering university of port Harcourt , professor Lenton T. after the presentation the NICESA student Executives of the university of port Harcourt were inaugurated.
After the Inauguration, Engr. Dr. Orumu donated a takeoff grant of #10000 ( ten Thousand Naira to the NICESA executives of the university of port Harcourt and also assured them of NICE PH chapter support in the areas of professional development programs as well as other areas that will be of importance to them.

NICESA UNIPORT Inaugurated; as Omopeloye Charges Students to explore NICESA opportunities to build their Career

NICESA UNIPORT Inaugurated; as Omopeloye Charges Students to explore NICESA opportunities to build their Career


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