NICESA South West Strategises on the future as Student leaders converged at Ile Ife

Meeting started at 1:20pm with an opening prayer from Mr AKINKUNMI Joseph and was followed by general introduction as above. The southwest coordinator, Mr BABATOPE Olaniyi Samson welcome everyone present and acknowledged their cooperation in ensuring that the meeting holds. Also, He explained that 15 institutions were contacted and invited for the meeting but only few were able to come and those that did not come was not deliberate but due to academic tight schedule like examination in some of these schools.

Mr BABATOPE introduced NICE and NICESA as NIGERIAN INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS and NIGERIAN INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS, STUDENTS AFFILIATE respectively and explained that the latter is the students’ national body while the former is the parent national body. He distributed a write-up sent by the national coordinator, Mr Nwankwo Felix, which includes background of Nigerian Society of Engineers NSE, history of NICE, formation of NICESA, our vision, mission, aims and the journey so far.

The national General Secretary, Mr OWOLABI Razak, talked on the registration that it is mandatory for all Civil Engineering students that want to participate in national events and also want to be recognised as registered member of NICE. He said it was concluded at the national executive meeting that the registration fee should be #1500, the breakdown of the fee is as follow;
#800 for Head Quarter

#400 for processing which include sending of forms to HQ and certificate back to schools which will be done on monthly or quarterly basis
#150 for campus processing to the National coordinator or executive
#150 for the National Executive to be used for logistics which will include planning of national activities such as national congress and zonal meetings.

Mr Joseph (OAU), said NICE as the national body should emulate what NSE did by selling the institution to students inform of proper orientation, seminars and also publicity of the benefits in joining the institution. By doing so, students will see reasons to be registered.

Miss Janet (Fed Poly Ede), in her own opinion enjoined everybody present to work on the publicity and orientation in various institutions and also encourage students to be registered. Mr Adekunle (U.I), said proper orientation will help in actualizing our target and all the final year students should be encouraged to fully participate. Mr Jimoh (poly Ibadan), ask if students will be benefited in anyway especially after graduation from schools.

National General Secretary responded to Mr Joseph’s opinion, he said the effective way of selling NICE and NICESA to students is through our collective effort by orientating our students and telling them the benefits of being a registered member, he added that NICE will also put in more support to ensure that our vision is actualised. While responding to others’ opinions and contributions, he said list of some of the benefits and opportunities that await the registered members would be sent to their various e-mail addresses and any other useful information would be sent as well.

In his own contribution, the southwest coordinator assured everybody that our interest is protected and everything that NICE and NICESA have in plans are for the betterment of the future of the civil engineering profession in the country.

It was brought to the notice of everyone present that the annual national conference/AGM of NICE is holding in Osogbo, the Osun State capital, from 7th to 9th November, 2012. National general secretary said the registration fee for students is #2000 but anybody that pays before October 31st will get 25% discount. The mode of payment will be sent to everybody very soon.

Mr Razak said our students’ national congress would come up in UNILAG, Lagos state, later after the NICE national conference/AGM

Mr Razak delivered a message from one of our Students’ advisers, in person of Mr Isqil Najim, that Mr Babatope should gather information about the venue of the National Conference and its vicinity to secure accommodation for the participants and also to plan ahead for their welfarism.

Southwest coordinator enjoined all the students present at the meeting to relate very well by inviting other schools to individual programs as we witnessed last year when University of Ibadan and Obafemi Awolowo University invited various universities and polytechnics within the zone for inter institution quiz and debate competetions. He further said that we can foster the relationship if we can be having zonal mini-conference to be hosted yearly in different schools within the zone. He asked each school to share their programs with everybody in other to emulate good things from ourselves; the response is as follows;

OAU: The department has a yearly publication called THE EDIFICE magazine. A copy of the magazine was given to everybody present by the zonal coordinator, Mr Babatope. After the meeting.

U.I: The department has a mini conference that holds every year within the department, students are grouped and each group gives presentations and other interesting events also take place. This helps students to develop their oral presentation skills and lots more.

Poly Ibadan: the department also said they have yearly publication as well.
Lastly, the issue of different acronyms in our various schools was discussed and after much deliberation, it was unanimously agreed upon that every school should bear the same name NIGERIAN INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS, STUDENTS AFFILIATE. (NICESA). For example, NICESA, OAU. NICESA, UNILAG. Etc. further processes will be done and a letter to that effect has been submitted to the national body,NICE.

Mr Babatope appreciated everybody that attended the meeting and promised to update them as soon as possible on our forthcoming events.

Closing prayer was said by Miss Janet (Fed Poly Ede) at 3:28pm and a group picture was taken.


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