Nigerian Society Of Engineers Laud PMB On Executive Order 5

The Nigerian Society of Engineers has praised the political will of President Muhamadu Buhari insigning the executive order promoting local expertise also known as Executive Order 5.

The commendation was given at the 7th induction and public lecture of the Nigerian Society Of Engineers, Maitama Branch in Abuja where over 200 engineers were inducted into the society.

Guest Speaker, Engr. Chukwurah Christopher, stated this while speaking to journalists even as the charged the federal government to implement same and not merely playing to the gallery.

Engr. Christopher said: “Recently our President, Muhammdu Buhari demonstrated strong political power when he signed the Executive Order Number 5. So, the Ministry of Science and technology, Society Of Engineers and COREN, were at the fore front of the push and for the government to sign it into law, it now gives preference to indigenous engineers to be taken as first choice.

“It is only when and where you do not get suitable indigenous engineers that you now consider the foreign option and even when you take the foreign expertise are taken, there is a provision that they train indigenous engineers that will eventually be certified and work in that capacity.

“If we had this executive political will earlier in than now, we may not have been where we are today. Now that this is the case, I hope it is not just going to be on paper, it should be implemented to the letter.”

President Buhari, pursuant to the authority vested in him by the Constitution , had recently ordered that all “procuring authorities shall give preference to Nigerian companies and firms in the award of contracts , in line with the Public Procurement Act, 2007 In the proclamation entitled , ‘Presidential Executive Order 5 for planning and execution of projects , promotion of Nigerian content in contracts and science , engineering and technology’ , the President also directed government Ministries , Departments and Agencies to engage indigenous professionals in the planning, design and execution of national security projects.



  1. The correct thing is that only Nigerian Ingeniers should be incharge of such technology-intensive projects and anyother foreigner being invited to handle such job must be ready to work under our Ingeniers. It is easier to lift such ideas as a boss than as an employee or trainee. The version that only a particular price and below can be done by Nigerian Ingeniers was silenced here. Such would amount to broad day robbery and insult on Nigerian Ingeniers! The major problem with Engineering in Nigeria is because Ingeniers are grossly underpaid, not experience or competence.


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