APWEN counsels Men and Women to collaborate together to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

The keynote speaker at the 2019 Mayen Adetiba Technical Bootcamp, Dr Nadu Denloye and other women engineering leaders in the country have counselled men and women in engineering they must work together in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and re-position our country’s economy.

Speaking as the award ceremony of Mayen Adetiba technical Bootcamp for girls in Lagos, Dr Nadu praised the founders of APWEN and especially its first president Engr Mrs Olu Maduka who she described as pacesetter with passion for women empowerment and leading the way for others; being the first registered female engineer in Nigeria and crown it up as the first Female President of Academy of Nigerian Engineering. A position she held up till last year.

She spoke about the future of girls in STEM education and their importance in the attainment of the UN Sustainable development goals.

Dr. Nadu emphasized that the future works will have collaboration of both men and women and both will work together in addressing policy lapse and also in meeting the challenges of our National and continental development. The goal of reducing poverty in the land and increasing standard of living will only be achieved through collaboration.

She observed that the current lopsided gender equation in the system necessitated the need for the upcoming scholars to be prepared to fill the gap. Men and women has shared responsibility for this country and that the world cannot operate efficiently if women are not involved. The gender diversity in workplace therefore aimed at achieving mutual collaboration and support and not competition. It is for these reasons that we need more women in the professional, and it is for this reason that the girls are being prepared to take charge and be part of the nation building.

She urged the girls to learn to develop and nurture their creative imagination, and generate ideas to solve problems and create new products as this is one of the ingredient needed to succeed in the STEM profession and also in fulfilling career.

Dr Nadu spoke creativity thinking processes, and the need to develop strong passion to make a difference; Passion to solve problems and apply knowledge. She also advocated continuing learning and development habit: Both formal and informal environment, academic and non academic, mentally and intellectually.

In addition, Dr Nadu advised on the to develop the knack for seizing the moment and taking hold of opportunity. In a competitive work environment, opportunity waits for no one. The ability to recognize opportunity and also taking advantage of it is one of the finest moments that distinguish you from others.

In conclusion, she advised the girls to be broadminded and avoid being trapped in a fixed mindset. With a can-do attitude, she said they will be poised to take on any challenged and achieve their goals.

I wish more girls takes to Engineering- Engr Maduka

Engr Olu Maduka speaking
Engr Olu Maduka Speaking at the event

Earlier in her own address, Engr Olu Maduka. The first president of APWEN who is also the first registered female engineer in Engineer expressed her desire for more girls to take up engineering. Not just in Nigeria but all over the world.

She said this in line with the passion and mission of the founding members of APWEN which she represents. Having served of committee of such illustrious organizations like Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, and heading the Nigerian Academy of Engineering, as its first female president, she had come to appreciate the need for gender parity in engineering is even far more profound as women in engineering are still significantly far below expectation. She noted that issue of under representation of women in engineering is global and therefore challenged the girls to rise up and fill the space.

She advised women in engineering to maintain both and career front even as it may not be easy, it is realistic and finding proper balance is the key to success.

Recalling the struggle faced by APWEN from its inception as body with just 8 members (which includes Engr Idiat Amusu, Engr Mayen Adetiba, Engr….) which championed the advocacy for greater women participation in engineering, she expressed satisfaction at the journey so far as the body has been able to produce thousands of practicing female engineers who had risen to the top in their engineering career.

But the number is still far low with about 10% women population in engineering practice. She encourages women to embrace innovation and creativity to be more relevant in the industry and make more progress in their career.

APWEN counsels Men and Women to collaborate together to achieve Sustainable Development GoalsEarlier, the president of the association Engr Felicia Agubata in her welcome address told the gathering that the choice of the theme: “Creativity- the pivot for sustainable development’’ was inspired by the need to build citizens who are solution-conscious and can think outside the box. The world of work is charging fast and innovation is driving the global trends in the industry. MATBC therefore ‘aim to instill the culture in the minds of the students.

She praised the Super Role Model who is being honoured, with the event, Engr Mrs Mayen Adetiba as a pacesetter, an inspiring figure and a trail blazer in engineering profession. She is among the few female engineers who are pressing for the progress of emergent Nigerian women. She is as such, a shinning role model who should be celebrated.

Mayen Adetiba technical Bootcamp is an annual event organised by Association of professional Women Engineers in Nigeria devoted at nurturing the technical creativity and in girls in secondary schools. Over 150 girls drawn from various secondary schools in Lagos attended the event.


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