Adebiyi Olalekan: A Silent Achiever with a Heart of Gold

In recent years, quite a number of Nigerians have risen in financial status. In fact, there are a few more from different parts of the country tooting their horns and wearing the billionaire status with much nodding and smiling.

Adebiyi Olalekan, on the other hand, remains as low-key as ever, even though he has climbed to the billionaire steps long ago. He continues to dazzle folks with silent achievements, evidently finding firmer fulfilment from bettering the lives of others, compared to stirring sounding brass and tinkling cymbals.
Lagos is still the playground of many billionaires. However, very few have made much progress in cultivating their wealth for more far-reaching goals. Adebiyi Olalekan has erected such milestones that it might be easier to uproot bridges and drag out roads than erasing or ignoring his achievements.

Although his LaraLek Ultimate Constructions company wore out the eyes of newspaper-reading folks with construction after construction, Olalekan’s interests reportedly encompassed construction, hospitality, consumer goods, and others. But LaraLek is most notable in the construction industry.

It was under the supervision of Olalekan’s LaraLek that most roads and bridges in Lagos were approved and constructed by the Lagos State government. Such bridges include the 480-metres bridge linking Aboru to Abesan, in the Agbado Oke-Odo of Alimosho LGA and many others.

It was Olalekan’s countless contributions to the construction company that won him the honorary fellowship of Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), the highest honour available to outstanding individuals in the engineering line of work, who did not study Engineering.

With LaraLek, Olalekan has employed countless Nigerians, young and otherwise, affording them the opportunity of improving their lot while contributing brilliantly to the growth and development of the Nigerian economy.

Then there are Olalekan’s philanthropic interests in healthcare, education, and humanitarian fields. In fact, it was former Governor Akinwunmi Ambode who exposed Olalekan as contributing to the healthcare of the Alimosho people by donating a whole primary healthcare centre.

With his beloved wife, Omolara, and his company, LaraLek, Adebiyi Olalekan is already impacting more lives than most people will ever hope to imitate. In quietness and secrecy, Olalekan is doing well for others.


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