Letter to Young Professionals: make good use of your time, money and invest in yourself

Dear young professionals,

You must have seen or heard in the different news media about the number of job loses numbering millions that has taken place and more being projected to happen.

Well news like this most times comes with uncertainty and fear of the unknown, as majority talks about the economy, no doubt it has a role to play. But my friend you just have to single yourself out for success and hit the ground running.

Do you know despite the economic meltdown of 2008 that hits America and the rest of the world in 2009 and 2010 America records a 15 year high in new business creation, showing that enterprenuship ambition among young collage graduates and students were at record high as many started and managed new businesses and some of which are among the biggest in the world today.

Therefore my fellow young professionals I encourage you to flex your creativity and build your capacity because in the midst of turbulent times and news of uncertainties, your creativity will mater more than ever.

I implore you to make good use of your time, money and other resources and invest in yourself, build your capacity in your area of interest because the future is bright.

Thank You.
Felix Nwankwo.


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