How to register with Nigeria Association of Technologists in Engineering, NATE

The Nigerian Association of Technologists in Engineering (NATE), a member of Council for The Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) is a professional body of practical engineers, established in 1988, with the aim of fostering the self reliant technological development in Nigeria.

The association has members drawn from Nigeria’s industries, manufacturing, construction, academic commerce and public sectors.

How to register with Nigeria Association of Technologists in Engineering

The Nigerian Association of Technologists in Engineering “NATE” Membership comprises mainly Higher National Diploma (HND) in Engineering, Science and Allied Courses, including holders of similar qualifications, such as Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Engineering who are in, manufacturing, construction, commerce and public sectors, throughout the Nation and beyond.

Membership qualifications

Student Membership

To be eligible for this class of membership, a candidate must be a student in a NATE recognized institution and course of study

Alongside a completed membership form, applicants are required to submit the following:
A detailed Curriculum Vitae
Copies of prior certificates obtained
Two (2) recent passport-sized photographs
Photocopies of evidence of studentship in the current year i.e. results and ID cards

Things To Know
Before proceeding, here are things you should take note of:
Successful final year HND II Students will be entitled to be inducted as graduate members before Proceeding on NYSC, subject to the payment of all necessary payment and completion of the appropriate form
Membership Fees

The breakdown of fees associated with this membership includes:

To be eligible for election or transfer to this class of membership, a candidate must fulfill the following conditions:

i. Must possess one or more of the following academic qualifications, that is to say:
a. B.Sc. Engineering
b. HND Engineering
c. HNC Engineering
d. OR Any other qualification which in opinion of the Council is equivalent to any of the qualification stated above.

ii. Must have had Three years experience in practical Engineering work, at least Two years of which must have been spent in appropriate training supervised by a qualified and experienced Technologist

iii. Must be ready, if the Council so requires, to submit written papers and attend an interview to enable the Council, to determine the suitability of the candidate for this class of membership.

NATE and COREN registration
Please forward along with your completed Form the followings
a. A detailed Curriculum Vitae.
b. Copies of your Certificates.
c. Your Two Nos. Passport Size Photographs.
d. Completed Membership Application Form.
e. For Corporate Membership, you are required to submit two bound copies of technical write-up on your post-graduation practical experience containing details of a choice project of 3000-5000 words, minimum in length.
f. A professional interview will be conducted on a date to be decided by the Council.
g. If nominated, your membership will form part of your requirement for COREN registration.

Graduate Membership is open to Engineering graduates of Universities, Colleges of Technology and Polytechnics who are newly qualified and without adequate industrial experience, and provided the Institution attended is approved by the Council.
In addition:
a. He must not be under 21 years of age at the time of application.
b. Must produce evidence of discharge or exemption from the National Youth Service Corps Scheme.

Download Graduate Membership Form HERE


Associates shall be:
i. Persons elected as such by the Council who are not qualified in the opinion of the Council for Corporate membership of the Association by virtue of academic qualifications held, but who work in the field of Engineering and wish to be associated with the Association and its activities. They will also fulfill the following:

a. Be not less than 21 years of age at the time of application for admission and
b. Have had at least 5 years continuous employment in a responsible position in any branch of science in Government or industry, which in the opinion of Council is related to Engineering.
c. Satisfy the Council that by their qualifications and previous experience in the position they occupy at the time of election, their admittance as Associates will promote the declared objectives of the Association and its further developments.
ii. Graduates of Polytechnic, Colleges of Technology and similar Institutions at the Ordinary National Diploma level or equivalents as may be determined by the Council. In addition:
a. Candidates must not be less than 18 years of age at the time of application.
b. Must show evidence of continuous employment for at least 2 years after qualification.

Download Associated Membership form HERE

4. Fellow Membership
Membership Eligibility
The Executive Council of the Association may elect or transfer any candidate in this class of membership provided that such candidate into this class of membership has satisfied the Council on the following:

That he is not less than 40 years of age
That he has continuously been a Corporate member of the Association for a period of five years immediately preceding the date of his appointment
That at the time of his application he is holding and has been so holding for a period of five years preceding his time of application or election a senior Engineering position either in Government or in an industry or at any advanced institution of learning.
That the Council of Management of the Association may, if it deems it necessary, request the applicant to submit a paper upon a subject to be elected by the applicant from a list of subjects approved for this purpose by the Council.
That he has not defaulted in the payment of his normal dues or special levy as at the time of making his application.
That apart from the above, the applicant is in the opinion of the Council a fit and proper person be a Fellow of the Association
Alongside a completed membership form, applicants are required to submit the following:
A detailed Curriculum Vitae
Copies of engineering certificates
Two (2) recent passport-sized photographs
Photocopy of membership application form receipts
The breakdown of fees associated with this membership includes:
Description Amount (Nigerian Naira – ₦)
Registration 200,000.00
Total 200,000.00
All fellows applicants are to pay the sum of two hundred thousand hundred naira (₦200,000.00 – subject to changes) only for their registration.

All payment should be made through our UBA PLC and ACCOUNT No: 1002401732 (Ilupeju Branch), Lagos. Original copies of the bank teller and the completed membership Application form with the relevant documents and a self-addressed stamped envelope are to be sent to the NATE National Secretariat COREN Professional Skill Development Centre, House No.21/23.14 Rd. Off First Avenue Gwarinpa Abuja / Liaison Office, 34/36, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu-Lagos and obtain receipt.

Now that you are ready to become a NATE fellows member, get started by downloading and printing out the membership form in PDF:

Membership Form Download


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