Breaking News: HND/BSc Dichotomy Removed.

Breaking News: HND/BSc Dichotomy Removed.
At last, it is with excitement, capital joy amidst jubilation and celebration of over 20 years struggle of Nigerian Polytechnic students and graduates including the staff unions and heads of Polytechnic in Nigeria.
I am pleased to announce to the public that the COUNCIL OF ESTABLISHMENT which comprises of all the head of service of the 36 States of the Federation and the head of service of the Federation approved the removal of this long overdue dichotomy which hinder the career progression of HND holders in civil service in her meeting held in Minna Niger state capital during the week after an exhaustive deliberation, pro and anti deposition which ended with tie vote of 16 against 16 while the head of service of the Federation voted in support as presiding officer after the tie, to earn the Polytechnic sector the victory.
Making the vote 17 pro against 16 anti. Henceforth, This resolution automatically lift embargo on HND holder career progression in civil service as the holder can now rise beyond Deputy Director in civil service as well enjoy all sort of benefits/promotion to the topmost rank due to BSc holders in civil service.
It is on record that this same Council was the sole obstacle for this struggle since year 2005 when President Olusegun Obasanjo pronounced the removal of this dichotomy, the Council called the then president statement a mere pronouncement with out documentation and refused it adoption nor implementation.
It will be recalled that the last meeting of the council which was held at Ilorin kwara state capital witness heavy presence of Nigeria Polytechnic students which I personally led as the National Senate President of NAPS to the council in protest for the need for the council to reconsider her position on the said matter.
A position paper was submitted after the protest as demanded by the then head of service of Federation who was the chairman of the Council, unfortunately, the matter was completely discussed nor concluded at Ilorin until now in her next meeting in Niger state.
The Council often meets every 3 years, On behalf of the entire West Africa Polytechnic students and most especially the Nigeria Polytechnic students, I express sincere gratitude to the head of service of states and that of the Federation who stood for us and with us, the Federal Ministry of Education, the National Board for Technical Education NTBE, Council of Head of Polytechnic and Colleges of Technology COHEADS, Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic ASUP, past and present leadership of National Association Of Polytechnic Students NAPS and by extension the Nigerians Union of journalist for their support all through the struggle.
We look forward for immediate implementation by all state of the Federation, Federal government agencies and departments while I call on all Polytechnic student to join us as we Commence appreciation/celebration.
Aluta continua, Victoria Ascerta,
No retreat no surrender,
As long as we live, struggle continues.
Amb S A Lukman ‪#‎AIG‬
Immediate past Senate President NAPS, Outgoing Regional President WAPSU


  1. People are always making mistake of HND v Bsc how about other degrees being awarded in our universities it better you say HND v university's degrees

  2. People are always making mistake of HND v Bsc how about other degrees being awarded in our universities it better you say HND v university's degrees

  3. The courses at his HND must tally with those of the equivalent degree, otherwise, the HND is deemed difficient, and he most remedy such through either PGD or any other abridgment programme

  4. I keep saying that it remain that for accounting bodies unification Icpan, Ican Anan etc, for those in accounting cadre.

  5. It is long over due. Let this be gazetted immediately pls.let there be penalty for non compliance by anybody or agency. Good work.

  6. i still will not agree that victoria is here until we scrap HND and Bsc to come up with a unique name on both certificate.

  7. I feel so good about the news but all i know is that success is not measured by school or degree because if you are good? you are good …. congratulations to all HND graduate out there. cheers

  8. He will still need his PGD later in his career if he want to ride higher.. it is only the entry level that he is at par with his Bsc Colleagues..

  9. Then we should be looking forward to scrapping of PGD in our institutions before HND holders can go for master degree.

  10. We give glory to God almighty who has made this a huge success. I pray all the organizations implement this asap. Surcon,Coren,Ican please comply.
    Aluta continua, Victoria Ascertain.


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