An advocacy group, internet safety magazine (non-profit organisation), has advised students and young people to make positive use of the internet every time they are online.

Speaking at the organisation’s weekly programme to educate internet users about the dangers and lasting solutions to internet abuse in today’s technology age, the founder of the organisation, Mr. Rotimi Onadipe advised students and pupils to use the internet in such a way that it doesn’t have negative impact on their lives.

The programme, with the theme “Say NO to internet abuse, say YES to internet safety” was held in Ibadan on Saturday July 30th, 2022.

While advising the students and pupils to always stay safe online and avoid all dangers associated with internet usage, Mr. Onadipe noted that the internet is a very useful tool for students but they must be informed about the danger it poses to their lives spiritually, emotionally and academically when it is not used safely.

He said: “As students and pupils, the internet is a very good tool that can help you academically but don’t allow it to have negative impact on your life.”

“Whatever you want to do on the internet, make sure it is something that will add value to your life, visit only informative and educative websites, avoid all pornographic materials, illegal or dangerous content online.”

“More importantly, don’t allow the internet or smartphone to control your life, focus on the positive aspects of the internet and always educate yourselves on how you can stay safe online and avoid all dangers associated with internet usage e.g. cyber bullying, online scams, online pornography, online gaming addiction, among others.” he added.


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