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    How Tokunbo Ogundeyin is Cleaning out with Multi-billion Dollar Nigeria Defence Contracts


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    There is a particular kind of grace reserved for only Nigerians. That grace earned the country the status of Africa’s Big Brother. Now, thanks to individuals like Tokunbo Ogundeyin who are hard at their jobs, Nigeria will soon climb to a new status and perhaps compete with the ‘Big Boy Nations’ of the world.

    Ogundeyin is indeed Nigeria’s pride. The man in charge of Proforce Limited has contributed time and again to the country and earned many bragging rights on our behalf. Recently, Ogundeyin delivered, as he always does, by making a deal with the European country, Belarus, to supply defence equipment, particularly armoured vehicles.

    The star of Ogundeyin once again rose into the midday sky when photos of a powerful armoured vehicle began making the rounds on social media. Judging from the background and colour, Nigerians could only speculate that the vehicle was most likely recently acquired from one of the superpowers. Imagine the excitement when Nigerians found out that the armoured vehicles were made in Nigeria by Ogundeyin’s Proforce company.

    Ogundeyin’s reputation was further thrown up into the starry sky when it was rumoured that that particular armoured vehicle had been purchased by Belarus as part of a deal the country had signed with Ogundeyin. Thus, with Ogundeyin behind Nigeria, more nations are definitely paying more attention to us now.

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    For those who don’t know Ogundeyin’s history, the defence industry was not his first option. Legends claim that he used to be a cleaner in Kuwait until his breakthrough with the Nigerian Army. Now, Ogundeyin makes military equipment, armoured vehicles, and foundations for Nigerians to stand tall among other Africans.

    Those that know Ogundeyin personally say that he is a humble man, a quiet man, someone who would be changing the world from behind the curtains and still hold his tongue and opinions. How lucky that he is Nigerian! (leadership)

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