Book on Best Practices in Bidding for Engineers hits the shelves; NSE President Gidari-Wudil Gets Copy

By Isqil Najim

A book, authored by a former president of Nigerian Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers, (NIEEE) Engr Emmanuel Akinwole has landed in federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Titled “Bidding and Winning: theory, Practices and Applications“, the book touches on arts and best practices in competitive bidding.

The new president of Nigerian Society of Engineers, Engr Tasiu Saad Gidari-Wudil has also taken a delivery of the book in Abuja when the author, Engr Akinwole presented it for Council members yesterday. Members attending the Investiture of the new President and also visitors will also have opportunities to lay their hand on a copy at the venue of the investiture ceremony of the new president on Saturday.

According to the respected and highly experienced author, Engr Emmanuel Akinwole who has amassed over 30 years practical experiences in the industry; “a lot of people who would like to get involved in competitive biddings with a view to win and execute projects profitably do not have either the knowledge, experience, skills or training required.

“Besides there is a great scarcity of relevant professional books and experts who have distinguished practicing experience.

“ln order to bridge this gap ,this book has been designed, written and published after painstaking researches, literature reviews , several practical successful bid participations and live case studies of failed bids for over thirty years.”

Book on Best Practices in Bidding for Engineers hits the shelves; NSE President Gidari-Wudil Gets Copy
Engr Emmanuel Akinwole, FNSE, with the President of NSE, Engr Tasiu Saad Gidari Wudil, FNSE in Abuja

The book, “Bidding and Winning: Theory, Practice and Applications” teaches you step-by-step procedures on how to source for relevant construction and consultancy projects,how to prepare and write bids professionally to win the contracts and mobilize to execute same profitably and proficiently. It also teaches you how to use same principles to win better friendships, marriages, procurements, appointments and promotions to enhance your relationships.

What is the Scope?

The book specifically offers comprehensive Definitions/Types of Biddings, Bid Writing Procedures,Classifications and Applications to other areas of life and livelihood. It shows how bidding strategies are applied ingeniously to make important decisions to enhance Friendship/Marriage, Employment/Job Placement, Appointment/Promotion, Procurement/Purchasing, Consultancy/Construction, Housing/Accommodation opportunities and benefit from other areas whenever choices are to be made from scarce and competing resources in any given environment or situation.

The various theories, principles and practices of Biddings are carefully examined as well as detailed Guidelines for Composition of Bids, Procedures for Bid Writing , Meeting Pre-qualification Bid Requirements, Preparation of Technical and Financial Bids, Format of Bid Submission and Packaging, Criteria for Bid Evaluation ,Bid Success and Assessment, Making Contract Awards ,Site Management Procedures and Sourcing for Project Financing.

It concludes with Evaluation of Bureau of Public Procurement Guidelines and how to meet them, Preparation and Calculation of Consultancy Fees for Professionals and Samples of Preparation of Requests for Proposals (National/International Biddings). The book is available by order to email: and telephone to:09098985557 and deliverable within two weeks.

PS: Limited copies of the book are available during the INVESTITURE of the Presídent of NSE on Saturday at the International Conference Centre Abuja NIGERIA.


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