FCDA Bemoans Distortion of Abuja Master Plan

The Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) has decried the ‘monumental’ distortion of the Abuja Masterplan, resulting in seemingly endless chaotic traffic, building mishaps and flooding situations bedevilling the city.

FCDA Executive Secretary Umar Gambo Jibrin blamed the distortion of the Abuja Master plan on attitudinal, and less of professional disposition of citizens to the development of the city.

Jibrin, who spoke during a courtesy visit to the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria ( COREN), noted that Abuja, as creation of the law, as stipulated by decree 6 of 1976, clearly specified things must be done in conformity with the Masterplan uniquely designed for FCT particularly the Federal Capital City (FCC).

He, however, warned that FCDA is ready to not just demolish but to make such that every activity in the FCC in particular and the Territory at large is done in conformity to the Abuja Master Plan.

“FCT has Master Plan, so everything you do in FCT particular the federal capital city has to be in conformity with that master plan and we have that responsibility to make sure that whatever on the ground in city conforms to that master plan.

“Like I said, you have a master plan that specifies how you do things, but the moment you deviate, that alone is an indication that there will be a failure in whatever you want to do.

“The numerous vices that we have in the city, largely they are not failures on the part of the services that are delivered by the professionals, it has to do more with our own attitudes as citizens. It is not because the infrastructure is not good.

“Abuja is still a construction site, many people lose sight of the fact that a lot of the connectivity issues with our transport system are not in place, and that makes movement a bit challenging.

“But if we are law-abiding and we follow regulations, especially on how we move around within the city, there won’t be any cause for worry,” he stressed.

He added that: “We have had to interact with so many engineering contractors, development partners, consultants in delivering the to the residents of FCT.

“I want to assure you that we would remain resolute as professionals to give service to FCT residents and to humanity.”

Furthermore, the FCDA boss explained that the visit was to solicit for the cooperation of COREN as the regulator of all branches of the engineering professionals considering the position of the FCDA as the builders of Abuja.


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