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In an announcement made on the council official website, the Council for the Regulations of Engineering in Nigeria will no longer register HND with PGD alone for engineer category.

The statement read

“After December 2021, applicants with HND and PGD will, in addition, have M.Eng. degree to Register with COREN as an Engineer.”

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Thus any applicant with Higher National Diploma HND qualification will now be required to have Masters in addition to Postgraduate Diploma  PGD before he can register as engineer.

In the current system, an HND holder needs to have a postgraduate diploma in same course to be qualified to register as engineer.

COREN registers four categories of members: Engineers, technologist, technicians and craftsmen. The COREN Act as amended empowered COREN to regulate engineering profession in Nigeria in all ramifications.

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  1. Q1. What of an HBD holder with a PGD in information communication technology ICT, Can he or she register in this present situation?

  2. Q1,HND Electrical Electronics Engineering holder with PGD ICT , can he or she register in this present situation

  3. Funny country. So there is no provision for HND with years of experience to be upgraded to become an engineer. This happens only in Nigeria where mediocrity is celebrated above productivity. No wonder we can not even produce pencil withou foreign interventions.

  4. So engineering bodies in Nigeria are now telling us that HND holders will not be recognize/registered as an engineer.
    Engineering is not about knowing it in book, but practically.

  5. I have HND in Chemical Engineering and registered with NATE, I also have PGD in Project Management Technology, can I be registered as an Engineer?

    • It is advisable that you run same programme u have with HND so that you do not have issue. For example you need a PGD in chemical engineering in this case.

      Unless COREN changes the rule in future. But right now, you need PGD in chemical engineering

  6. WHERE ARE THEIR BILL PASSED AGAINST DISCRIMINATION? What a pity we continue chasing false flag leaving with it can benefit Nigeria. What are the qualification of the expatriate you do throng about anytime they came to Nigeria? Our educational system need educational sugery.Our academicians do not ashamed of themselves when our educational system doesn’t solve our own societal problem. What has been the achievement of Nigerian Engineer. We just get the title to get contract .what a pity. I doubt our advancement technologically as a nation. How i wish they copy ICAN.se be it is exam, let whosoever belief is competent to go for exam. i rest my case

    • I love this, their problem is the HND holder, if an HND holder after having a PGD in the same course cannot register with COREN as an engineer after December 2021. What is the essence of having the Polytechnic. Why not shut down all the Polytechnics. If an expatriate who didn’t passed through the 4 walls of a classroom can be regarded as an engineer and contracts being awarded to them . What is the function of COREN then. I am so ashamed of this country

  7. @my engineers. Plz what about an HND holder that has done MSc. in the same engineering field without PGD. Can he still apply to COREN as an engineer?

  8. @My Engineers. What of someone that has B.Tech /B.Sc in Applied Sciences (E.g. Pure and Applied Chemistry) and acquired a PGD in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Can the person applied for COREN?

  9. It is so pathetic that; It is only in this Country we will see this.

    A University Graduate will not require Masters to register as an Engineer but HND Graduate with PGD will need to have Masters to get registered…..Interesting!

    Just for Clarification;
    What happens to HND Holder with PGD and over 10years of experience in Engineering field?

    This is not just discrimination but height of hatred. Few people that have opportunity to be there and they feel it should only be them. Instead for them to create right policies, encourage ideas from everybody and see how to improve on Engineering in the Country, they are there creating stringent processes instead of relaxing it.

    People/Environment will want to determine you but with your ability, strength, understanding, Knowledge and above all Grace of God – in no time, you will be an achiever and be fulfilled in an Environment where you will be appreciated as well as among the right sensible individuals.

    Why not just stop Polytechnics instead!

    They should continue…..

    A Proud HND Holder!

  10. Well it is so unfortunate for our dear profession called engineering in nigeria.

    I believe all the Council members of COREN have one way or the other travel abroad and see there counterpart the way and manner they do and harmonized the polytechnics and university products for there technological advancements, if what am thinking is right, this step and action taking by the COREN will not reduce the technological advancements in the country alone but it will also take our dear profession backward in terms of practice and practical.

    Believe me 70% of real engineering works are carried out by polytechnics products while our so call university graduate focus mainly on paper work.

    I will urge the Council chairman and all the members of the COREN to think twice before setting this bad record.

    • You are very right sir. The COREN management is setting a very benchmark for the Nigerian Engineers that graduate through HND. It’s on records that most Engineers that knows much on Engineering today passes through Polytechnic education and that facts still remains high here in Nigeria. The reasons that get COREN management to go far in settings such distance discrimination between the HND-PGD graduates to have masters before he/she is qualify for COREN registration is yet to be iron out. The so called Ahamdu Bello University in Zaira has been running their Civil Engineering students using Civil Engineering Department of Kaduna Polytechnic as their back bone. That’s all the Civil Engineering students of ABU Zaira then uses Kaduna Polytechnic Civil Engineering laboratories to be able to complete their studies as Engineering students but still upon this, when they graduate, the university students a rated high above a HND students.
      The COREN assemble management that should know best are the ones adding their negative energy to this menace.
      This actions from COREN assemble is highly disrespectful and it’s sets a big precident that shows that Nigerian frontliners in Engineering are not ready to get it right.

  11. @my Engineer, what of someone that have registered as a coren technologist in Civil Engineering and about to round up his/her PDG this year 2021 can coren upgrade this person after 2021 as an Engineer?

  12. @my Engineers
    If a 3rd class graduate can register as an engineer but the same 3rd class require PGD before going for masters, why will COREN make Masters additional requirements for HND holders to register as engineers. I think this is the highest level of descrimination and this is only happening in Nigeria. I will appeal to the people in charge to look into this matter. PGD plus HND is fair enough to become an engineer. Thanks

  13. It’s unfortunate, Nigerian, will surely must get another engineering body that’ll better serve this country and regulate engineering profession for real and meaningful purpose. Hopefully the law makers should look at how coren is further widening the bsc-hnd dichotemy, which Mr President has tirelessly bridge this gap successfully.

  14. COREN, have not solve any of the varied engineering problems facing Nigeria,it major problem is oppressing polytechnics,we are Nigerian very discriminatory, we discriminate against tribe, religion…etc, this huge set back is from people who claim to be enlightened,when will the black race be free,when will Abuja be free, when will Africa be free,when will help come

  15. @my engineer, please can COREN tell us the motive behind this act of including Masters to the requirement needed by HND holders to before being registered as an engineer? or is it that they are just trying to step up the level of desrimination against them? Because have found it difficult to understand the mystery behind this level of act wickedness.


  17. That Rule should be reverse pls,COREN is not after competence anyway, if a 3rd class graduate from University can register as an Engineer is a highest level of hatred and discouragement for technological advancement in our dear country. An HND with PGD can’t register is an Engineer…Just for there personal interests… Well In God we trust

  18. @ My Engineer.I am a registered member of NATE(HND Agric Engr)..and almost done with my PGD…pls I want to register as an Engineering Technologist. Can I upgrade to an Engineer later after acquiring my master Engr?..if yes what are the criteria and procedure for upgrading to Engr cadre?.. Thanks

  19. @My Engineer, is it possible to register as a technologist in Electrical Engineering (Power and Machine Option) with HND and then register as an Engineer in Electronics Engineering with B.Eng at the same time?

  20. @My Engineer, is it possible to register as a Technologist in Electrical Engineering ( Power and Machine Option) with HND and then register as an engineer in Electronics Engineering with B.Eng at the same time?

  21. Thank you for your contribution sir.,, many of us work in big companies where some white men without certificate are employed as expert.

  22. Can COREN accept TOP UP degree for registrations that is HND to B.eng top up degree
    I learnt that it not recognised by coren
    How true is this?

  23. You’re talking sir…
    B.Tech 3rd class can register without pgd but HND with Distinction, Upper or Lower Credit can’t register even with pgd. No wonder we are like this in this country. All we believe is certificate and no results to show for it.

  24. @My Engineer, I want to find out if COREN have started the implementation in which HND holders must have PGD &MSc (i.e HND + PGD + MSC = Engineer ) before they can register as engineer ?

  25. Good evening sir,
    I am an HND graduate of Civil Engineering and I rounded up my PGD program in civil Engineering in JUNE 2020. although my original certificate is not ready but I hope it will be ready soon. I have tried to reach different people some even staff of COREN for their true stand on this December 2021 dead line for HND GRADUATES with PGD but I have gotten 2 opposite answers some say once your date of graduation is before 2021 you will be considered others say it doesn’t matter, the window regardless of year of graduation on certificate.
    Please sir , I need an official clarification, can I still register as an Engineer with my PGD since I graduated since 2020 or I must do my Masters before I am considered.
    Thanks in anticipation of your response.

    • Thank you for your message.

      From our investigation, you are safe if you graduated indeed at 2020. and this is what matter most. We do not know when the enforcement for this who graduated after 2021 will start but at this moment for those who gradated before then, especially 2020, you can register.

      Please keep following our site as we will send update on this issue very very soon.

      Thank you

  26. I have my background originally in the sciences (Computer science) ,but working have been working in an engineering environment, hence seeking a path to be a registered Engineer. I already have a masters in Information Tech. and almost done with a PGD in Electrical Electronic Engineering. Do i have a prospect of getting becoming a REng. ?

  27. I have my background originally in the sciences (Computer science) ,but i have been working in an engineering based environment/organization , hence seeking a path to be a registered Engineer. I already have a masters in Information Tech. and almost done with a PGD in Electrical Electronic Engineering. Do i have a prospect of becoming a REng. ?

    • I will have to get back an update for you on this. a lot will have changed regarding this. However, i doubt you can register as an engineer with COREN without an engineering degree. You can however register with professional bodies as Associate member.

  28. I want to register in NATE. Please, do you have idea of office address in my state?
    I’m from Akwa Ibom.

  29. I am a HND holder in MARINE ENGINEERING, what add top qualification will I provide to join NSE and COREN please.

  30. I have NCE and B.Tech Building Technology Education, what criteria should I follow to be qualified for COREN and NSE?
    Thank you

  31. Is COREN still accepting top up certificate? If yes, please why are they frustrating institutions that are running the program?


    I have a BSc in Computer Science, and I want to be a COREN Registered Engineer;

    Should I go for another Bachelors Degree in Engineering, say, Computer Engineering or Telecommunications;

    Or can I proceed with a Master Degree in Computer Engineering and get registered?

    Thank You.

    • my immediate answer is yes. because this used to be the case. But I will advise you to give me time to confirm at COREN if the policy has not changed.

      This is because COREN changed some of its policies that allowed science graduates to go into engineering after fulfilling certain conditions. I will need to confirm from headquarter before giving a definitive answer. Please give me little time as I am on the process to get the latest position of the Council. I am awaiting their response.

      • dear Abdult, as promised. i have gotten across to COREN. Here is the latest update on how to migrate from computer science to computer engineering

        You can proceed to read computer engineering. You must however work in a computer engineering dept of any firm before you can be registered. After 15years post 1st degree graduation you’ll be registered.
        Alternatively you can do a fresh B.Eng in computer engineering.

  33. Good Evening sir.
    sir, I’m thinking of going for my PGD immediately after my service and after my PGD, then masters since those are the requirements from COREN to become a registered engineer. However, the people I sought advice from advised me to go for a Top-up program instead. With Top-up I could get a B.S.C certificate and it would save me a lot from stress in the future. So sir, my questions are:
    1. Does COREN accept Top-up?
    2. Can I use a Top-up degree to become a registered engineer?
    3. Sir, how long would it take for someone with a top up degree to become a registered engineer?
    4.Sir, what do you advice?
    I await your response sir

    • Hello, Iyanu,

      the people are right. And you are also right.

      if you go for HND-PGD-MSc, it will have a slight limitation if you intend to go for academic job in a university. But it is the normal path. And well recognized by COREN.

      If you also go for top-up, you are in the right mix. It is also okay.

      The challenge is getting a university that run top-up around you. If you can get university that run top-up and are accredited by COREN, please go for it. And if they are not accredited by COREN, do not waste your money. you can proceed on the first order and get your MSC.

      if you have any other question, do let me know

      • I appreciate your response, Sir.
        I am aware of a federal university that operates Top-up in the southwest and has a satellite camp in Lagos.
        Their undergraduate civil engineering curriculum has COREN accreditation, but I’m not sure about their post-graduate program.
        Please share, sir, if you have schools or know of schools that run the program.
        Thank you sir.
        I’m waiting for your reply, sir.

        • Thank you for the feedback. Try and confirmed from those schools (running top-up) again. Especially their graduating students. There are some of them whose license are withdrawn and will stop running the programmes after the expiration of the term given to them. I do not have full details but I am aware of this.

          The two schools I know have been asked to stop running the course.

          • Good morning sir and thank you for the response.
            Sir, you said two schools were running the program before COREN asked them to stop. What are the name of those schools?
            The programme is still being handled by Fuoye.
            Although Bells university no longer offer civil engineering, they do offer other engineering courses.

  34. I appreciate your response, Sir.
    I am aware of a federal university that operates Top-up in the southwest and has a satellite camp in Lagos.
    Their undergraduate civil engineering curriculum has COREN accreditation, but I’m not sure about their post-graduate program.
    Please share, sir, if you have schools or know of schools that run the program.
    Thank you sir.
    I’m waiting for your reply, sir.


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