IPPIS Update From Emergency ASUP NEC

Those pursuing IPPIS like bees pursuing honey, here is the latest from the NEC meeting:

Great Asup! the National Executives Council (NEC) Salutes the courage of our Chapter Congresses for their support and confidence in the Union.

Yesterday, 25/7/2019, NEC met with the Director of IPPIS , Mr Olusegun from the Office of Accountant General of the Federation.

The Union, made it clear that ASUP is not averse to the Federal Government Policy on IPPIS and vehemently rejected the suggestion that Polytechnic Management is instigating the Unions against enrolment into the IPPIS platform.

The Union also benefited immensely from the rich experiences of the Federal Polytechnics Auchi and Kaura Namoda where the following problems were reported.

▪Peculiar or Earned Allowances (7%) not captured by the IPPIS platform ; enrolment which lead to automatic forfeiture.

▪65 years retirement not yet implemented in IPPIS platform. Members will not receive salary after 60years of age or 35yrs of service.

▪Sabbatical leave not yet addressed .No payment of salary twice per month especially if such leave is been done in federal institutions.

▪Demigration of lower cadre staff will loom as the current salary and wages does not capture CONTISS MIGRATION for lower cadre. Lecturer 1 below will be dimigrated by 1 level, and issue of agitation for CONTISS area will be closed.

▪Visiting lecturer not captured.

▪Part time/adjunct lecturer (especially on issue of courses with special needs of professional) not provided for.

▪In the event of any problem problem or issue with your salary, you have to go to Abuja, instead of going to bursary.

▪Promotion impletation as regards payment to a new cadre will take longer period to be implemented, take note here that at Federal Poly Ilaro if one is promoted, such a staff starts to enjoy the benefits immediately as this is not possible with IPPIS.

_*Consequent upon the above, the following decisions were taken👇:*_

(1). A technical committee be set up to address our peculiarities – though information from the team stipulates that it will be constituted probably to commence meeting on Monday.

(2). Letter be written to FME, NBTE & Office of Accountant General of the Federation stating the above. (The copy of the letter will be posted when available).

(3). That all ASUP members should remain steadfast and not to be intimidated with the presence of the team on Campus.

(4). All Academic Staff are strongly advised not to submit themselves for enrolment until otherwise directed.

In closing NEC re-assures our teeming members that the Union will strongly object to any policy shift that will negatively impact on members salary by way of amputated pay.

Note: Official release expected from the National Secretariat soon.

Aluta Continua
Victoria Ascerta

Great ASUP

Nordiana Osagie Davies
General Secretary, ASUP WUFPBK
For: National Secretariat


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