Valedictory Speech of the Outgoing COREN Registrar, Engr Kamila M. Wapa

The 161st Council meeting of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) was held today, Thursday 7th March, 2019 and a top highlight of the event was the Valedictory Session held for the outgoing Registrar of COREN, Engr. Wopa Kamila Maliki, FNSE, mni.

The Council ably led by the President of COREN, Engr. Kashim Ali, FNSE, FAEng, NPOM, mni gave pensive emotional remarks about their personal and working relationships with the Registrar.

Below was the Registrar’s Response:

It affords me great pleasure to have this opportunity to speak at this very happy moment.

I can hardly find words with which to thank everybody for the good wishes.
I treasure this week as my happiest memory of my life.

What has made it happiest is the amount of generous congratulations I have received since Monday, when my Management and Staff organised an impromptu send forth in my honour.

I thank the Almighty Allah who has ordered us to be grateful for His favours on us and on our parents and that we must do all that is righteous.

Permit me to also thank the two Presidents I have worked under, Engr. Ibikunle Ogunbayo, FNSE, FAEng and Engr. Kashim Ali, FNSE, FAEng, mni. While everybody here knows Engr. Ali, I don’t think I can say the same about Engr. Ogunbayo. Engr. Ogunbayo, a fine gentleman, was the President of the Council that appointed me. I met him for the first time the day I collected my letter of appointment. His only counsel was for me to be contented to being Registrar and be righteous in all matters. With the benefit of hindsight, I thank him on this day.

My President, Engr. Ali, I am grateful for the glowing tribute. I must confess that it is hard to earn those tributes. It takes hard work to live up to it. I need boldly say that the success of COREN in this administration has been due in great measure to Engr. Ali’s energy and foresight, to his efficiency and status. He is great source of inspiration and encouragement. I therefore dedicate all the tribute to him.

Distinguished Council Members; I want to appreciate everybody for the candid words of advice. It would be a serious omission, if I fail to extend appreciation to all past Council members, especially the Vice Presidents including; Engr. Gbesimi Akperi, Engr. (Prof) Charles Oko and Engr. (Prof.) Emmanuel Ajav.

While I do not wish to take up any more of your time, permit me to say thank you to Management and Staff of COREN. With me, we formed a great force. I pray that they continue to show their supportive hard work in the spirit of the established shared prosperity principle.

Thank you.
Engr. W. Kamila Maliki, FNSE, mni.


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