Ikenna Athan Oparaji : Engineer, Poet and Picturesque Writer

Athan Oparaji
Athan Oparaji

Ikenna Athan Oparaji is an engineer, poet and a creative picturesque writer.
As a prolific engineer he has obtained some training and certifications from Solartech International UAE, Jotun MEIA, Mascoat USA and IMG Composites LTD Aberdeen UK on Asset Integrity Management .His interesting articles are published in some engineering Journals.

As an aspiring great leader and mentor who loves to teach and inspire about success and leadership he had mentored students who are now engineers, doctors, lawyers etc today.

He feels engineering is the best platform to view the world and that makes his poetry very unique as it teaches the precepts and concepts of the true model of life. Looking for global citizens, he is just one of them.
You can contact him through email: ikeathans4success@yahoo.com, twitter: @AthanOparaji, Instagram @athanoparaji or LinkedIn


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