NSE writes Ag President, Goodluck Jonathan

The Nigerian Society of Engineers has written the Acting President advising him on how to support and use engineering to move the country forward.

In a letter signed by the President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Engr. Olumuyiwa Alade Ajibola, the society called on the Acting President to ensure that round pegs are put in round holes.

The letter read in part: ‘One of the proven strategies is to put round pegs in round holes, especially in the appointment of Ministers and Heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies for the Engineering based establishments. It is our strong view that Mr. President can select Ministers and Heads of key Departments and Agencies from a pool of resourceful national experts, with assistance from national professional and business associations relevant to the different sectors, without prejudice to their political activities. Great Nations of the world have emerged through the application of their professional talents, to drive Government developmental goals efficiently in their areas of appropriate expertise.’

The NSE further said it was time for the nation to take the bull by the horn and make Engineering a Nigerian. It therefore requested the government to do the following: Putting the Engineering community in confidence in structuring policies affecting the Engineering sector, such as Power, Steel, Mines, Works, Housing, Transportation, Manufacturing etc. Involving Engineers at the highest levels in driving Engineering based Ministries, Departments and Agencies, in order to evolve quality, effective and sustainable policy frameworks and implementation strategies.

This is the key to the success of the rapidly developing economies of South East Asia (Asian Tigers) and even in Northern Africa. Finding a lasting solution to the lack of patronage of Indigenous Engineers and Engineering Companies, especially on Government funded Mega Projects which is working against the growth of local expertise and know-how and hence a sustainable all round National Development, and Economic Prosperity. On the part of Engineers, the President assured that the society would continue to ensure professionalism and continuous professional development. In a related development, Engr. Ajibola has described the dissolution of the Federal Executive Council by the Acting President as a decisive action which shows he was ready for leadership. According to him, the dissolution will give him the opportunity to look for appropriate professionals to put in appropriate ministries and departments of government for improve service delivery to the nation.

He therefore called on the acting president to ensure that the right people are put in the right places where they training and experience and knowledge will come handy in the execution of their duties for the growth of the nation. For him it was high time the nation rose beyond partisanship and brings in well grounded professionals from various sectors of the economy who can contribute to the growth of the country. In the area of infrastructural development, which he said was key to the growth of any nation, Engr. Ajibola said engineers should be more involved and commended the government for setting up the Project Monitoring Evaluation Committee, which he observed had about ten engineers as members.


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