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Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN: Frequently Asked Questions


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This piece is dedicated to answering most frequently asked questions on Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN. Complied by Isqil Najim.

If your question is not on it, kindly drop a reply and it will be added and answered

What is COREN?

COREN is Acronym for Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria. It is the apex Regulatory body that is empowered to regulate Engineering in Nigeria in all ramifications. The functions of COREN are:
i. Determining who are engineers for the purposes of the Act.
ii. Determining what standards of knowledge and skill are to be attained
by persons seeking to become registered as engineers and raising those
standards from time to time as circumstances may permit.
iii. Securing, in accordance with the provisions of the Act, the establishment and maintenance of a register of persons entitled
to practice as registered engineers and the publication from time to time of lists of those persons.
iv. To regulate and control engineering practice in Nigeria in all its aspects and ramifications.
v. Performing the other functions conferred on the Council by the Act.

Who can Register with COREN?

A Graduate of engineering from an accredited University or Polytechnics in Nigeria or outside Nigeria. The followings are engineering practitioners can register: Engineers, Engineering Technologists, Engineering Technicians, Engineering Craftsmen.

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Is it compulsory to Register with COREN?

Yes, if you want to practice Engineering in Nigeria and enjoy your career, you must endeavour to register with COREN. COREN determines who is an engineer, COREN issues engineering practitioners license to practice legally in Nigeria, and also issues engineering firms (Consulting and Contracting firms) license to practice legally in Nigeria.

How can I register?

All Registrations are online. You can register through www.coren.gov.ng

What are the requirements needed before applying for COREN?

  1. Engineering Degree in any of the Engineering Courses from an accredited University or Polytechnics in or outside Nigeria
  2. 4 years post graduation experience,
  3. Certificates: Engineering Certificate (Degree, HND, OND NABTEB, Trade Test)
  4. NYSC (for graduates)
  6. A passport sized photograph
  7. Proposers: two(2) proposers are needed to sign the proposer form for you. Your Proposers must be registered Engr who are financially up to date and would attest to your good conduct.
  8. Certificate of Experience: Certificate of experience will be filled by someone who is a registered Engr and is financially up to date. S/he could be your boss, Professional colleague at your former or present place of work.
  9. A technical report of your Engineering work experience. The report should be duly endorsed by two registered Engineers who are financially up to date.

How do I recognize those who have registered with COREN?

i. A registered engineer uses the abbreviation “Engr.” Before his name.
ii. A registered engineering technologist uses the abbreviation “Engn. Tech.”
after his name.
iii. A registered engineering technician use the abbreviation “Tech.” after his name.
iv. A registered engineering craftsman uses his full title with his trade in bracket under his name.

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Is COREN Acceptable Outside Nigeria?

Yes, with the COREN being a signatory to Washington Accord, the certificate will be acceptable un countries that are signatories to the accord. Be aware however that it is not a guarantee that you will get the job. You must still go through normal applications and prove yourself.

 Can a Third Class graduate Register with COREN?

Yes, a Third class Graduate of acredited engineering can register with COREN provided he met all other requirements and has worked for not less than 4 years in engineering company after graduation. However, on the evaluation score sheet, a 3rd class graduate will score 1.5 points while a first class graduate scores 3 points.

Do I need NYSC Certificate to Register with COREN?

Yes, NYSC certificate is required to register with COREN if you are a Nigerian and graduated before age of 30.

Can someone with NYSC exemption letter apply?

Yes he can, provided he meets all the requirements needed to apply?

Can a Polytechnics Graduate Apply?

Yes, a Polytechnics graduate at Higher National Diploma, HND  and ordinary national Diploma, OND can apply. However, HND holders are registered as Technologist while OND, ND holders are registered as Technician.

Do I need connection at COREN to register?

Absolutely no. It is an open organization and you will be registered based on merit without knowing anyone. Your application will be online. You do not need anyone to influence your registration. Follow all the instructions as presented, submit your technical reports and sit for Exam and attend interviews.

Can you Register with COREN without First Degree in Engineering?

Yes You can register without First Degree in Engineering. however you must meet certain conditions to be qualified. You must be an Employee in an Engineering firm; possess a Master in Engineering in any field of your practice, must have at least 10 years experience starting from the time you bagged your Masters Degree and must be 50 years or above.

I am an employer running an Engineering company can I register with COREN?

yes You can register with COREN. there are two options, You can register yourself or your company. To register your company you must follow the rule and procedures as outlined by COREN for registration of various engineering units.
As an individual, you must have at least 3 registered Engineers, working for you; You must have obtained a PhD in Engineering and made outstanding contributions to the Engineering profession.

What is the Difference between NSE and COREN?

COREN is a regulator established by Nigerian Constitution while NSE is a professional Association of Engineers in Nigeria registered as company Limited by Guarantee.

How can I be a member of COREN?

You cannot be a member of COREN as COREN is not a professional association but a regulatory body that issues license to both individuals and corporate bodies to practice in Nigeria. Your COREN certificate is your license to practice and enjoy every benefit accrued to an engineering in Nigeria and also outside Nigeria through International bodies with which COREN has agreement or is signatory. You can however be registered with COREN.

Can Foreigners Register with COREN?

yes they can.

Can your register with COREN without NSE?

Yes you can register without NSE certificate.

Can you register with NSE without COREN?

Yes you can. In fact most Engineers registered first with NSE from where they later register with COREN.

Can I use Statement of Results to Register With COREN?

It is strongly advisable that you use your certificate to register with COREN. Otherwise, Your application may be withheld.

Who is a Proposer and why do I need one?

A proposer is a registered engineer who stand in for you as a reference. You need at least two proposers while applying for COREN. The purpose of Proposer is to established your integrity as an engineering practitioner and will automatically serves as your referee.
A lot of applications are rejected/declined because of error(s) from the Engineers used in filling these two forms: the proposer and Certificate of Experience form.


The two forms are difference. Both must be filled during your application Process and duly submitted.

The proposer form: This is a mandatory form all applicants wishing to register with COREN must complete and upload. The form must be completed by two Engineers who know you and can VOUCH that you’re of good character.

Certificate of Experience form: Is also mandatory and must be completed and summitted along with your application. Those who can fill this form for you are: A registered Engineer with COREN, your former or current employer, a professional colleagues with whom you have worked with on an Engineering project.

Many Applicants made mistakes while filing this forms. Among the mistakes are: using a non-engineer to fill in the forms, using an Engineer that is not financially up to date with his/her annual practicing fee, and submitting the form with no security seals from the Engineers that signed the form for you. Any of this mistakes will lead to your application either denied, declined or delayed as the case may be.

What will COREN do if you are found not to have Registered but Practices in the field and commit Professional malpractice?

COREN will transfer your case to Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission, ICPC, for further prosecution.

Education Accreditation: What is  the difference between roles of COREN and Nigerian University Commission NUC

I. COREN assesses and accredits the professional contents (Resource, Workshop & Laboratories) of engineering programmes in Nigerian Universities.
II. COREN invites experts from Universities and Industries as resource persons.
III.COREN insists that the Provost/Dean of a College/Faculty/ School and Head of a Department must be a COREN registered Engineer.

My proposer is not Up to date financially with COREN

This implies that your proposer has not been renewing his license. Application through such proposers will be withheld.
More Updates will be added ..in case of any question not addressed, reply below and check back later.
You can also reach me on twitter at @isqilnajim 
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