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Abel Aboh – Nigerian-born data Analyst Appointed As Board Member of Scotland’s Data Lab Centre


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Abel Aboh, a Nigerian-born British leading Data Management, has been appointed to the Board of the Data Lab Innovation Centre in Scotland, the United Kingdom.

His appointment, which adds to his high professional reputation, represents an important step in the agency’s efforts to enhance Scotland’s data and AI potential with the view of maximizing the value derived by the nation from data even as it seeks to lead the world to a data-powered future.

Over the years, Abel has made significant contributions to the data and artificial intelligence (AI) space in the United Kingdom.

He is a renowned data and technology influencer and a sought-after data and technology speaker. He boasts of a work experience that cuts across various industry and sector from global financial services, defence, airline and sport such as Bank of England, Standard Life Aberdeen, EasyJet, HSBC, BAE Systems, London 2012 etc.

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Currently, Abel is leading a key strategic programme of work in the Bank of England shaping the ways of working a high-profile strategic work and programme. Previously, he managed one of the core data management services in the Bank.

In 2021, he was recognised and nominated as a finalist for the prestigious British Data Awards as the Data Leader of the Year 2021, a feat celebrated by the Bank of England. He was equally honored by the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission.

Reacting to the appointment, Abel said “It is really a great honour and privilege to be part of the Board of the Data Lab Scotland’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data to help contribute and provide strategic direction to the leadership of the Lab. I am deeply humbled for this opportunity to contribute and help unlock the rich opportunities for AI and data not just in Scotland, UK and across the world by bringing industry, academia and public sector to harness opportunities, connect people and ideas, develop knowledge and expertise for the good of humanity and society- creating a better and sustainable economy and society.”

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He said “I am deeply passionate and intentional about data, AI, transformation, innovation, education, technology, inclusion, social and global mobility. Although I work in the heart of the City of London (also called the Square Mile), I find the time and space to contribute within the data space by supporting both young and old people to join the data and technology profession to build useful data and technology skills which for today’s and tomorrow’s workplace and society”.

Abel Aboh earned professional plaudits when he led the external engagement of the Bank of England and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) joint transforming data collection programme whose vision is to help the regulators get the data they need to fulfil their mission at the lowest possible cost.

Abel is also passionate about Africa, financial services and systems, technology, data, private and public services, education, social mobility, diversity and inclusion, leadership, democracy, artificial intelligence, youth empowerment, community engagement and development, stakeholders engagement and management, organisational design and culture, concepts and schemes development, transformation delivery etc.

He has displayed commitment to issues related to transformation, leadership, strategy, people, data and technology optimization – as an integrated system to help solve humanity’s problems.

A graduate from the Strathclyde Business School – a leading UK Business School and University of Lincoln, Abel has said he is working hard to continually represent Nigeria positively and fly the country’s flag in the global space.

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Source: Vanguard

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