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Is ChatGPT-4 The Ultimate Side Hustle? Writer Used It To Turn $100 Into A $100,000 Viral Business


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By Aran Richardson

Writer and brand designer Jackson Greathouse Fall tweeted on March 15, 2023 about his experiment with ChatGPT-4 and his new venture called “HustleGPT.” ChatGPT-4 is the latest tool from OpenAI, a pioneer in an intelligent chatbot with the potential to transform daily life and multiple industries.

His initial query to ChatGPT-4 read “You are HustleGPT, an entrepreneurial AI. I am your human counterpart. I can act as a liaison between you and the physical world. You have $100, and your only goal is to turn that into as much money as possible in the shortest time possible, without doing anything illegal. I will do everything you say and keep you updated on our current cash total. No manual labor.”

He provided further instruction that he would complete the tasks suggested by ChatGPT-4. The chatbot prompted him to build an affiliate marketing site that featured eco-friendly products. ChatGPT-4 found a domain name that Fall purchased, and he then asked the chatbot to create some DALL: E 2 prompts to build a logo for the site. DALL: E 2 is also an OpenAI service. It enables users to create art and realistic images based on text prompts.

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The implementation of AI features is becoming a vital part of every business, and now, the entire premise in some instances. Startups like GenesisAI have even created marketplaces so any business can implement AI into their business model, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from retail investors to scale it.

To implement the chatbot’s suggested plan for riches, Fall built a website called Green Gadget Guru using AI-generated text and imagery. He asked the chatbot to make decisions about the site such as the logo position and the site’s visual structure. He also asked ChatGPT-4 to suggest SEO optimization techniques to build traffic that included SEO-rich AI-created blog posts like “Ten Eco-Friendly Kitchen Gadgets.” As the project grew, he also asked the chatbot to create a message on Twitter for the growing HustleGPT fan base.

Breaking down Fall’s $100 spend:

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$8.16 domain registration

$29 for hosting

ChatGPT-4 suggested $40 in Facebook and Instagram ads

In the following days after launching the idea, Fall promoted HustleGPT on Twitter and built a Discord community that’s grown to nearly 2,000 members. He tweeted these members were using ChatGPT-4 to create their own #HustleGPT projects while further exploring the chatbot’s capabilities. These efforts include dozens of different sites, including “Meow Matters” which he describes as a “guide to cat essentials, tips and tales to cater to your purrfect companion.”

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On the second day of HustleGPT, Fall asked ChatGPT-4 to reach $100,000 in available cash. To achieve this goal, the chatbot suggested hiring content writers for Green Gadget Guru, using dropshipping and creating a unique SaaS product as the recommended ways to reach the goal.

A New Avenue for “Hustle Culture”
ChatGPT provides a new promotional and money-making tool for “hustle culture” influencers. These influencers and gurus often promote dropshipping, cryptocurrency purchasing strategies, and other methods for acquiring wealth quickly. AI tools like ChatGPT-4 provide them with a buzzy new way to attract attention, with thousands of videos appearing on YouTube showing people “How to Make Money Today with ChatGPT.” For example, some people suggest using the chatbot to create popular video lists — such as “The Top 10 Must-See Beaches in Europe”— that uses the generated content and free stock video. Other influencers suggest their audience use ChatGPT-4 to draft a book and leverage DALL: E 2 for images and sell the e-book through a simple e-commerce site.

While Fall created the “HustleGPT” as an experiment, its success highlights the breadth of ChatGPT-4’s capabilities to provide users and startup companies with new ways to make money. After several days of existence, HustleGPT received more than $7,800 in investment. Fall continues to post about the experiment, using social media to capitalize on ChatGPT-4’s viral potential.

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