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    Billions of Gmail users warned over hidden button you should never ignore – simple tap can stop bank-draining criminals


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    By Charlotte Edwards,

    GMAIL users have been warned to never ignore an important button that flags crime to Google. The button may be hidden in your inbox but it takes seconds to access when you know where to look.

    Google says on its support page: “Gmail automatically identifies suspicious emails and marks them as spam.

    “When you open your Spam label, you’ll see emails that were marked as spam by you or Gmail.

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    “Each email will include a label at the top that explains why Gmail sent it to Spam.”

    You do this by selecting the email in question and then clicking the exclamation mark icon that pops up in the bar above your inbox.

    A box will pop up that says: “This message will be marked as spam.”

    You will be asked if you want to stop receiving emails from the account that sent the offending message.

    Then you can click a blue button that says “Report spam” or select “Report and unsubscribe”.

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    When you report spam, Google is sent a copy of the email.

    It can then analyze it and work to protect you and other users from cyber criminals and online abuse.

    Google explains: “When you tap Report spam or manually move an email into your Spam folder, Google will receive a copy of the email and may analyze it to help protect our users from spam and abuse.” (THE SUN)

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