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    The Future is Here: Professor Aibinu Addresses the Students of Nigerian Tulip International Colleges on Artificial Intelligence


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    As part of the Adopt-a-School Policy initiated by the amiable Vice-Chancellor, Professor Abiodun Musa Aibinu, which champions collaboration between tertiary institutions and secondary schools in a bid to ‘catch them young’ in preparation for today and tomorrow, the don visited the Nigerian Tulip International College (NTIC), Abuja, to present a talk on Artificial Intelligence as part of NTIC’s vision course.

    The professor commended the management for introducing the Vision course at this stage and informed the audience that the management is on the right track. We cannot continue to teach our students the way we were taught yesterday if we are really preparing them for today and the future. The continuous use of yesterday’s approach as handed over to us would only prepare them for today and not for tomorrow. Thus, there is a need for a Vision course of this nature.

    Standing before over 200 students, some parents, teachers, and even representatives of industries like Auto Clinic Nigeria Limited and Unicon Group, Abuja, Professor Aibinu defined Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the way of making a computer or computer-controlled machine or software think intelligently like humans. He further explained the benefits of AI and some of the areas of application of AI to human development.

    He also mentioned techniques of Artificial Intelligence, which include Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, Bee Colonies, etc. The professor explained how AI has been assisting human beings in recent times and how students should start learning AI from the secondary school level. This way, they can start providing solutions to Nigeria’s problems and aid them in getting scholarships for their graduate and post-graduate study.

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    Professor Aibinu reminded the students of their role as leaders of today and tomorrow and their need to start preparing for tomorrow by knowing about Artificial Intelligence as a field they can apply to various sectors like Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, and Manufacturing, amongst others. The professor also exposed students to the use of some latest AI products such as ChatGPT, natural language programming and humanoids/bioloids (robots).

    He highlighted how Artificial Intelligence is changing the world by building not just robots but smart and intelligent devices that can think and act intelligently like humans do.

    “So where do you come in?” he asked the students. “The future is no longer about tomorrow but about today and tomorrow, just like Artificial Intelligence is no longer a theoretical phenomenon but an active contributor to national development, even in Nigeria where a humanoid, Omeife was launched in December 2022 by Unicorn group, Abuja, and intelligent vehicle management by Autoclinic Centre, Abuja.

    The professor advised the students not to be left behind in this fourth industrial revolution era, and that things are no longer done the same way anymore. “The world is changing, moving, advancing. And you should be too. If not, how else would you lead us?”

    He reminded the students about past challenges that are almost forgotten and how we are struggling with present challenges in Nigeria and around the world. The future challenges are going to be more complex, and there is a need for us to start today in order for us to overcome the present and future challenges.

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