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    To determine the depth of a bungalow foundation, you need to understand the purpose of foundations.

    The purpose of a foundation is to provide support for a building, transferring its load to hard layers of soil or rock that have sufficient bearing capacity and suitable settlement characteristics.

    There is no established depth for foundations, and there is no simple rule for determining the suitable depth for a bungalow.

    Several factors must be considered, including:

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    ~The nature of the load requiring support.

    ~The ground conditions and soil type.

    ~Assessment of site conditions, including the potential for soil erosion and runoff.

    ~The type of strata present.

    ~Sensitivity to vibration.

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    ~The foundation types used in the neighborhood.

    The goal is to reach the level of the hard stratum with the capacity to withstand the load with a minimum settlement.

    A minimum depth of 600mm plus 150mm for top soil ( 750mm) is enough for soil with a firm and hard stratum.

    If black cotton soil is present, more excavation may be necessary until a hard stratum is reached.

    When the external floor of a building is not made of a durable material, such as concrete, there is a risk of soil erosion due to heavy rain, strong winds, water runoff, or other environmental factors.

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    Erosion can lead to soil loss and instability, which can negatively impact the structural integrity of the building.

    In this condition, you will need to get a deeper foundation.

    It is also important to consider the type of neighborhood when deciding on the type of foundation for a building.

    The method of construction may vary in expensive neighborhoods, so it is important to make findings on the foundation types used in the area before making a decision.

    Ensuring that the building is designed and constructed in a manner that meets the specific needs and requirements of the project, while also ensuring its stability and longevity, is crucial

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