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    Letter to Young Professionals: Gain Early Experience in your career


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    Dear younger professionals in the construction sector,

    Starting to gain practical experience in your career early has many advantages. It is important to begin your profession on the right foot, as getting it late can be a disadvantage.

    To get ahead in your profession, I recommend the following:

    Do not cut corners in your journey to the top. Complete necessary training programs, such as SIWESS and IT. If you have already taken shortcuts, make up for them as soon as possible.

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    Find a mentor who is genuinely interested in helping you grow or someone from whom you can learn from a distance.Be ready to make the sacrifice if you eventually get one.

    Avoid the temptation to focus on social media for solutions to all your problems and instead focus on building your career gradually.

    Remember that you won’t be young forever. Make career mistakes while you are still young, as they will have less of an impact on your future.

    Stay current with technology and new tools in your profession. Digital skills are important for staying relevant in today’s world.

    Invest in quality relationships and read quality books that will empower you with knowledge. Being young and starting your career off on the right foot is a great advantage.

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    Don’t be swayed by those who claim to have secret formulas for success. The principles of transformation are the same from age to age.

    “Define who you are, decide what you should start and stop doing, increase or reduce certain activities, and then focus on these principles in your career”.

    I encourage you to join my WhatsApp and Telegram groups for inspiration and to learn about real construction principles.I will provide the link in comment section.

    I hope that 10 years from now, you will look back on this letter and be grateful for the advice. I wish you a great end to your time on earth.

    Engr. Adeboye Adeyinka Adewumi

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