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    Minister Highlights Achievements of science and technology Ministry, Tout Locally Made Sickle Cell Drug


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    By Hadiza Ndadama

    Nigeria’s Minister of Science, technology and innovation Dr Adeleke Mamora has said that the Sickle cell drug developed in Nigeria is attracting global attention due to its effectiveness.

    The Minister who stated this in Abuja while highlighting the achievements of the ministry during the President Mohammed Buhari’s scorecard series noted that the development of the drug became necessary because Nigeria has a large percentage of people with the threat of sickle cell disease.

    He said the Anti-snake venom and the typhoid vaccines are few amongst others that have been approved and acknowledge globally.

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    The Minister further noted that Science Technology and Innovation STI has played a significance contribution in the health sector especially during the covid 19 pandemic compelling Nigerians to bring out their innermost talents towards curtailing the pandemic.

    He spoke about the various models of environmental disinfectants innovated through the agencies, sanitizers and vaccine being worked upon amongst others.

    On the contribution of Science Technology and Innovation to the Agricultural sector, Dr Mamora said the demand for the cassava bread flour made by the Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi is about ten percent.

    DR Mamora also said the National Biotechnology Development Agency NABDA and the Raw material research and Development Agency have worked on improved agricultural seedlings for increase yields and also working on cattle breeds for improved milk and meat production.

    The Minister stated that these amongst many achievements has contributed a significant percentage to the nation’s GDP.

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    Science Technology and Innovation has contributed significantly to the GDP, From the report from National planning, we have been able to create about one million job opportunities. in the mining sector is about two hundred and seventy seven thousand six hundred and seventy five, transportation and storage about three hundred thousand, there are other areas information and communication education, health and so on,”Dr Mamora said.

    With regard to Science, Technology and Innovation’s contributions in the area of defence, the minister said the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle developed by National space Research and Development agency NASRDA will enhance intelligent monitoring helping in combatting crime.

    Dr Mamora said that the Science Technology and innovation roadmap a guide and the catalyst for Nigeria’s long term sustainable development which although is faced with the challenges of funding, has however gain a significant prominence in President Muhamadu Buhari’s administration.

    He reiterated that science is a human right and as such the Ministry is engaging in many collaborations to make science more inclusive.

    “Within the limit of what we can do in terms of engagement, we are definitely engaging with not just the private sector we are engaging across board, because what we are doing has to be inclusive So we are talking to women, we are talking to school children. The collaboration is key, the partnership is key,”he said.

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    Dr Mamora however noted that with the limited funding made available to the ministry, it became necessary to engage head of agencies to ensure collaborations and avoid working in sailos.

    The Nigerian Minister of information and culture Alhaji Lai Mohammed in his remarks denies allegation that the country’s military is running a systematic and secret abortion program in the North East part of the country to curb insurgents breed.

    The authorities describe the allegation as phantom, fake news and disinformation which has the potential of negatively impacting on the country’s ongoing fight against terrorism.

    Making reference to a story by an international publication about a systematic and illegal abortion program by the Nigerian Military, the Minister said the said story is a mischief, fake news and disinformation.

    He said the Nigerian military is well respected and highly professional in its dealings denying any illegal or secret abortion camp anywhere.

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