ECOWAS launches forum to promote Science Technology and Innovation among West African States

The Economic Community of West African States, (ECOWAS) has officially launched the African research and Innovation forum, to promote the development of Science Technology, and Innovation among member states.

This was disclosed by ECOWAS leaders and Nigeria’s supervising minister of Science Technology and Innovation, Adeleke Mamora at a press conference in Abuja.

Research and innovation contribute to the development of any nation. The discoveries through innovation bring new wealth, to those nations who seek to constantly reshape the future of their economy.

In Nigeria, as in most African countries, Science Technology, and Innovation, have not been given an enabling environment to thrive like their foreign counterparts. This is why ECOWAS and Nigeria’s Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation is seeking to change this narrative, by launching the African Research Forum.

The theme of the project is; “Science Technology and Innovation for a more competitive ECOWAS.

At the conference, ECOWAS official Joao Butiam unveiled the forum’s logo and explained why the organization’s leaders choose to support the initiative.

Mr. Butiam urged all countries in the region to exchange best practices, in the field of Science Technology, and Innovation.

Nigeria’s supervising minister of Science Technology and Innovation, Adeleke Mamora noted that Nigeria with her huge population can no longer afford to be solely a consuming Nation.

The Ministry under his watch will continue to seek ways of commercializing, various research and development products from all research institutes across the country.

The forum is scheduled to hold from the seventeenth to the twenty-first of October 2022.


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