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Mark Zuckerberg admit social media is useless if you are not taking positive action elsewhere


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While promoting his Metaverse on Joe Rogan’s Show, Mark Zuckerberg have suggested that social media was good if you used it for engaging with someone but not if you are just sitting there and consuming stuff.

The Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who practically introduced the concept of social media to the world is personally not a big fan of it. Noting that he does not have time for it, Zuckerberg it is not a good enough medium ‘you are just sitting there and consuming stuff’.

During a podcast with Joe Rogan, Zuckerberg asserted, “Me personally I am just doing so many things that in practice that there are not (enough) hours in the day.”

“My kids, I have not really had to think about it quite as much as they are pretty young, six and five, so they use it. I want them to use technology for different things, I teach them how to code, it is an outlet of creativity.”

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He also said that social media was good if you used it for “engaging with someone” and “building relationships” but not if “you are just sitting there and consuming stuff.”

“I find that it’s hard to spend a lot of time on Twitter without getting too upset,” he said, “On the flip side, I think Instagram is a super positive space. I think some of the critiques we get there is that it’s very curated and potentially, in some ways, overly positive… It’s easy to spend time there, and kind of absorb a lot of the positivity.”

Why does Zuckerberg dread checking morning emails?
The Facebook founder also dreads checking his phone in the morning, because of all the headaches the company gives him.

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“My sort of day is, you wake up in the morning look at my phone, get a million messages that have come in, its usually not good,” he told Rogan.

“People reserve the good stuff to tell me in person, right? So it’s like what’s going on in the world that I need to pay attention to? So it’s almost like every day you wake up you are punched in the stomach.”

Zuckerberg appeared on Rogan’s show largely to promote the Metaverse, and in doing so insisted that the AR and VR technology he is developing can help people leave big cities that don’t “have your values”.

“Imagine if you didn’t have to move to some city that didn’t have your values in order to be able to get all the economic opportunities, that would be awesome,” Zuckerberg told Rogan, “So in the future where you can use AR, VR, and teleport in the morning to the office and show up as a hologram, I think that’s going to be pretty sweet, right?”(Livemint)

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