The earlier you realized that U can’t fit into everyone’s view point or be an all round perfect person in this Life…the faster you attain a live of fulfilment and true happiness..

The bar of people’s expectation will always go higher…and trying to please people is to keep displeasing yourself.. when in actual fact…most of these people do not really care about u!

Never forget that you CAN’T do everything right….the key to successful achievement is NOT to do all things well but to do FEW things better!

A careful review of our lives will reveal that only FEW THINGS REALLY MATTER: family, few friends, relationships, few activities at work, few clients, few important meetings and presentations etc…..focus on these…..!

Same can be applied to Business. At times I help clients identify these few customers and activities by analysing their engagement data on their Recency, Frequency & Monetary value (RFM) and prioritize using charts based on the Pareto Principle: 20% of your activities (clients) produce 80% of your results (revenue) …this provide insight into which customer or activities to focus on to achieve quantum leap in their objectives.

So in your life, take time to identify those ‘many things’ you need to STOP doing and create space for those FEW things that truly matter in your life..then focus on these and work on improving them!

Life is too short and has only one time offer; DON’T waste it!

By Abiodun adetula


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