The management and staff of NBRRI at the National Laboratory Complex (NLC), Ota on Thursday 30th of June 2022, received with joy some delegates of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Ota Branch at NBRRI’s National Laboratory Complex (NLC) when the latter visited the complex on a special courtesy call to the institute.

Welcoming the visitors on behalf of the Director-General/CEO of NBRRI, Engr. Prof. Samson Duna, Dr. C. C. Osadebe, Coordinator of NBRRI’s NLC, Ota welcomed the visitors and briefed them of the level of progress and impact the institute has made in the country in areas of R&Ds and other engineering interventions. He enjoined them to see NBRRI as their homes because the institute is made up of professional Engineers.

Briefing the audience of the purpose of the visit, the chairman of the Society Engr Adeyemi explained that they are back home because NBRRI is actually the starting point of NSE though it is the first time the Society is visiting and equally appreciated the institute for all they have done for the Society so far.

Also in his speech, he stated that they know that most Engineers in NBRRI are registered with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) but emphasized that there is need for them to register with the NSE as well.

Speaking about high cost of building materials in the country, Engr. Adeyemi lamented the hardship it is inflicting on the populace in the country, stating that drastic measures need to be taken to stop the hardship. He stated that a strong collaboration needs to be reached between NBRRI and the society to see how both bodies can handle a good portion of the issue. Moreso, as a way further, he explained that it is a thing of an importance that the Society deemed it necessary to visit NBRRI and see some of its innovations and see if the society can be involved in making sure NBRRI’s products are known and marketed to the outside world because they believe it will reduce the high cost of building in the country.

To end his speech, Engr. Adeyemi appealed to the management of NBRRI that NSE, Ota branch will be grateful if the institute approve an office space for them in the complex to serve as their Permanent Secretariat.

In response, Dr. Osadebe said that NBRRI has various research departments but in whatever capacity they want to be involved, the Institute has its Headquarter in Abuja and all their request will be made known to the Director-General and urged the Chairman to make an official request that lies within the Institute’s mandate which he believes the Director-General will be happy look into their request with consideration.

Also, the Coordinator said NSE should collaborate with NBRRI’s Extension and Consultancy Services (CES) Department for possible marketing of NBRRI’s R&Ds.
Speaking on marketing and collaboration, Head of CES Department NBRRI Ota, Engr Akinlade James briefed the house about resent Collaborations with Agbara Chamber of Commerce and believed with the new relationship with NSE, NBRRI’s products will come to limelight.

The Head of Engineering Materials Research Department, Engr Dr Friday. I Apeh also gave a brief speech and re-emphasized that the mandate of NBRRI is to ensure the production of alternative building materials like bricks, roofing materials etc.
A tour of the Society on NBRRI’s facilities to EMRD Workshop, Pozzolana plant, Science Laboratory Technology Department Lab and other areas in the Complex was conducted and led by Engr. Dr. Friday Apeh.


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