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    My Sincere Letter to the Younger ones in the Construction Sector_ take that leap of faith


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    From the first day that I resumed my first work after my NYSC, I knew what I wanted to gain from the company and how long I was to stay in the company. I gave my loyalty 100% to the company.

    Many people don’t have a clear picture and that is the main reason they are thinking they are being enslaved.

    You need to ask yourself, after working with the company for so so years, what’s next?” You should know, “When will I stop working for my boss and what will I do next?” You must have a clear picture of 5 to 10 years in advance. This understanding will help you to know some other skills to acquire while still working with the company. Professional skill is not enough to run a successful construction company. The knowledge of entrepreneurship must be learned along the line.

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    I normally make extra copies of any drawing or document that will be of help to me when I started my own company because the plan has been there already. Don’t just be working without any plans for the next stage of your life. If you do, you will be frustrated.

    You want to progress, but have no plans for it. You are just doing the current day-to-day and hoping that some ‘destiny-helper’ will throw down the next big thing in your favor.

    Here are the steps you need to work on for the next stage in your career :

    • 1. Save at least 10-15% monthly for your plan.
    • 2. Choose a career out of your profession. Somebody working in a structural design firm can think of steel fabrication as a career along with his/her profession.
    • 3. Get a good name for the career, company logo, color, and address for the registration of the company.
    • 4. Start buying tools and equipment that will help you in your new career.
    • 5. Every month, make it a point of duty to at least read and learn something valuable about your choosing carrier. By doing this you’re adding value to yourself.
    • 6. Add some business stuff such as product marketing and or, services that can get you more money to the career. Like, such as trying to supply and fabricate or rent out the equipment to it.
    • 7. Have a clear picture of your targeted monthly income.

    I carefully explained how to combine a career with your profession for you to double the opportunity at hand.

    From my example, I left as a construction engineer but I had already mastered the art of structural design on full scale with nice laptops, generators, and printers. As of that moment when I left the job I had been equipped and got double sure that if construction work was not available, my structural design skill would be my soft landing and alternative to making it.

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    8) The next phase is to register your own company and let your main profession and the career of your choice be on the company business list.

    Write a good company profile and list all the jobs you executed with your boss.
    Just write “involved and participated in the project”

    9) The next is to plan to start getting contracts both in your main profession or in your career

    If you keep your head low, lead a responsible life, leave decent savings and maintain a low-key lifestyle, you will live a better life than your peers. No one has ever explained life to me in phases of progress like this. Everyone keeps saying I should work hard” during my time but the Holy Spirit revealed this to me.

    My dear friend, when last did you sit down and plan a step-by-step journey into your next phase of increasing your earnings?

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    You are currently at the level of 80k to 200k monthly, what is your plan to enter the next phase? Yes, there are miraculous destiny helpers that could appear. But can you please just focus on creating a workable plan and following the same rather than waiting for a miracle?

    Your next phase of growth can be carefully calculated from your current phase. Interestingly, no one will do it for you. You have to sit down, plan and do it yourself. Become a planner of your destiny for the next level. Become, not just a planner, but a master executioner of your next level of progress.

    You shall never remain at this level come the next few years if you really mean business.


    Remember, if your eyes can see it, you can have it. I will continue to write you to remind you how far about it. Always remember that I love you.

    Woli the builder.


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