Stop the Leadership Negligence

David Dye, President, Let’s Grow Leaders…
Imagine handing someone a chainsaw and asking them to use it – without showing them how to operate it safely. Or hiring a student fresh from classes to operate your cash register – and never teaching them how to use it.

Get the idea? The consequences would be grave and you’d soon be out of a job.

I hope you would never put a front-line employee to work with no training and expect them to succeed.

And yet, this happens with managers all the time. I’ve seen studies suggesting that just over half of managers are put in their jobs without any specific management or leadership training.

That is pure negligence.

We would never entrust a cash register or heavy equipment to an untrained employee and yet it happens all the time with your most important asset – your people. That’s gross negligence. And we wonder why employee engagement (not to mention manager engagement!) is so low?

If you feel inadequately trained to lead and manage your team, you’re not alone. A recent Forbes article suggests that 98% of managers believe managers in their company need more training in order to be effective.

The takeaway? If you’re a leader, make sure you master the skills to lead and manage effectively. (Wondering where to start? This is exactly why Karin and I wrote Winning Well – to give you and your leaders the practical skills you need to get transformational results.)

And if you’re promoting people into positions of leadership and management, for goodness sake: Train Them!

No Excuses
Give them the skills they need to succeed. Don’t have a budget? You can afford a book or two – study one chapter at a time together.

Don’t have time? I don’t buy it. You have time to make sure the person knows how to operate the chainsaw or cash register. If it’s important to you, you’ll make the time. (And understand, you may not see the blood the way you would with a chainsaw accident, but your people are bleeding when you put them in the hands of an untrained manager.)

No excuses – take responsibly and make sure your leaders are capable and competent to work with your most valuable resource: your people.

Anything else is just plain dumb.

Be the leader you want your boss to be,

David Dye


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