Gidari-Wudil Assumes Office as 33rd President of Nigerian Society of Engineers; Declared Birth of a new era for Engineers

By Isqil Najim

The Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE National Headquarters have witnessed change in leadership baton, following the expiration of the tenure of Engr Mohammed Babagana on 31st December 2021. The new president is Engr Tasiu Sa’ad Gidari-Wudil, an electrical engineer. The handing over was done at the Nigerian Society of Engineers headquarters, Abuja yesterday.

In his new year message to members, released today January 1, 2022, Engr Tasiu Saad Gidari-Wudil welcomed engineers to 2022 with promise to address all pending issues. He expressed his determination to uphold rule of law and ensure that extant power as enshrined in the Society’s Memorandum and Articles of Association are adhered to in conflict resolutions.

Gidari-Wudil promised his administration will put the Society on path of growth and progress through programmes and initiatives that “promote technological advancement for our nation and yield the desired visibility for the Society in the appropriate corridors.” he said that some of these programmes will be espoused in his inaugural speech during the Investiture Ceremony scheduled to hold on January 22, 2022.

Chronicling the ideals of the Society and its past, Gidari-Wudil said “The history of our great Society is replete with achievements of honourable and resolute men who fought against storms and oppositions to build a virile umbrella organisation for the noble profession of Engineering in Nigeria.

“The foundation that they laid over six decades ago has stood the test of time under successive leaderships of the Society, with layers of achievements in different spheres. We may not be where we desire to be, yet but the journey thus far has been steadily progressive.’ he added.

He regrets that in recent times, there have been unfortunate events which casted shadows over the progress recorded in the past. he mentioned the incidences that occurred during the recently concluded Annual General Meeting (AGM).” He expressed regrest that some actions and pronouncement that followed the controversies portent desperation and have “potentials for rocking the foundation and truncating the growth of this noble Society that our progenitors laboured to build.”

He appealed to engineers to imbibe the spirit of togetherness and join hands with his administration to foster unity and progress for our great Society.

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