National Students’ Wing of Environmental Engineering Division render accounts

Between July 2020 to November 2021, Nigerian Institution of Environmental Engineers Students Unit, known as NIEESA under the leadership of Comrade Nnamdi Azubuike as national Coordinator embarked on series of activities. It will be instructive to note that Azubuike was its first National coordinator of the body after it was established by Nigerian Institution of Environmental Engineers.

Below are some of the itineraries of the hardworking and purposeful young engineer leader:

1. NIEESA Came into Existence on 26th July,2020 under the Executive Proclamation from Engr.O.E.S Ajani FNSE,FNIEE 12th National Chairman NIEE and his Executives and Council Members electing Hon.Nnamdi D.Azubuike as Pioneer National Coordinator NIEESA.

2. NIEESA 1st Professional Technical Session on 16th September,2020 with Engr.Prof.James O.Akanmu FNSE as Keynote Speaker on the Theme: NIEE and Continuous Professional Development: Potentials,Opportunities and Possibilities

3. NIEESA 2nd Professional Technical Session on 13th September,2021 with Engr.Dr.Sunny Emeka Ali FNSE as Keynote Speaker with the Theme: Environmental Health,Safety and Explosions: Effects,Environmental Impact Assessments Analysis and Sustainable Solutions,( A Case study of Lagos State Abule-Ado Gas Explosions, and Lebanon Beirut Explosion.

4. NIEESA 3rd Professional Technical Session on 4th October,2020 with Engr.Abdulrahman Abdulbagi Toyin FNSE as keynote Speaker on the Theme: Sustainable Engineering Profession,Professional Engineers and the Adventures: Celebrating the Past and Innovating the Future.

5. NIEESA attended the NIEE AGM/Conference 2020 on the with Theme: Biodiversity towards Sustainable Environment in Nigeria dated 10th November,2020

6. NIEESA Celebrated the Engr.O.E.S Ajani FNSE,FNIEE National Chairman NIEE Birthday on 1st January,2021

7. NIEESA 4th Professional Technical Session on 7th February,2021 with Engr.Dr.Hillary I.Owamah MNSE,FNIEE,FNICE as Keynote Speaker on the Theme: Engineering Behaviours of the Environment: Investigation and Developing Issues

: 8. NIEESA Inauguration by Engr.O.E.S Ajani FNSE,FNIEE,FNICE 12th National Chairman NIEE on 13th February,2021.

9. NIEESA on 4th March,2021 Celebrated World Engineering Day 2021 with NIEE.
Theme: Engineering for Healthy Planet.
Topic: Achieving Healthy Planet Through Green Engineering

10. NIEESA on 10th March,2021 inducted Engr.O.E.S Ajani FNSE,FNIEE 12th National Chairman NIEE as National Grand Patron,NIEESA and Engr.Monsuru A.Yinusa MNSE,FNIEE 11th National Chairman NIEE as National Chief Mentor,NIEESA. The NIEESA National Delegation Leader is Engr.Sesan .M.Odukoya MNSE,FNIEE

11. NIEESA on 21st March,2021 Celebrated World Water Day,2021 through Advocacy Programmes.

12. NIEESA on 28th March,2021 presenting Engr.Dr.Mrs.Abiola Kosegbe FNSE,FNIEE,FNICE Permanent Secretary Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development an Award as Outstanding Professional Engineer of the Decade.

13. NIEESA 17th April,2921 attend NIEE Imo State Chapter Maiden Executive Members,and Pioneer Chairman Public Lectures

14. NIEESA on 3rd April,2021 led by 12th National Chairman NIEE Engr.O.E.S Ajani FNSE,FNIEE,11th National Chairman NIEE Engr.Monsuru A.Yinusa MNSE,FNIEE,Vice-Chairman NIEE Lagos State Engr.Yusuf Majolagbe MNSE,MNIEE and the NIEESA National Executives

15. NIEESA Unveil Mr and Mrs Miss Environment Competition,NIEESA Essay Competition and Best Engineering Graduating Students 2021

16. NIEESA on 5th June,2021 attended NIEE Lagos State Chapter led by Engr.Dr.Mrs.Abiola Kosegbe FNSE,FNIEE Chairman NIEE Lagos and Presentation of Cheques to NIEESA Students winners of the Essay Competition during NIEE Lagos Programme on World Environment Day and Trees Plantings

17. NIEESA Participated at the NIEE National Celebration of World Environment Day led by Engr.O.E.S.Ajani FNSE,FNIEE 12th National Chairman NIEE and National Grand Patron,NIEESA on 8th June,2021 in Lagos

18.NIEESA on 8th June,2021 Celebrated World Ocean Day,2021 through Advocacy Programmes with the Theme: The Ocean: Life and Livelihood

19. NIEESA celebrates on 26th July,2021 One Year NIEESA International Anniversary Lecture with the Theme: Sustainable Transportation, Infrastructure and Technology: Serving a Growing and Shifting Population at College Hall,Yaba College of Technology Lagos

20. NIEESA Attended NIEE 3rd Memorial Lecture dated 19th August,2021 at NSE Ikeja Branch office with the Theme: Procurement of Environmental Engineering Infrastructure.

21. NIEESA Participated at the NIEE Lagos,Abuja and Imo State Professional Technical Session via Zoom Links

22. NIEESA Presented an Award to Engr.Nurudeen O.Shodeinde FNSE,FNIEE as Outstanding Permanent Secretary of the Decade and was led by Engr.O.E.S Ajani FNSE,FNIEE 12th National Chairman NIEE and National Grand Patron,NIEESA,Chairman NIEE Board of Trustees and Hon.Nnamdi D.Azubuike National Coordinator NIEESA and the NIEESA Executives.


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