NIEE Charges COREN to Strengthen fight against Quacks, Advocates Creation of pressure Group to Fight for Engineers’ Rights

The Nigerian Institution of Environmental Engineers, NIEE under the leadership of Engr Olalekan Emeka Sulaiman Ajani, at a courtesy visit to the President, Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN, Engr Ali Rabiu has recommended various measures toward strengthening Environmental engineering practice in Nigeria. Isqil Najim Reports

During the visit, the NIEE team led by Engr OES Ajani used the opportunity to call for institutionalising Methodology of fighting of quackery in engineering as part of efforts to sanitize the system.

In addition, NIEE submitted that the evolution of Environmental Engineering as emerging profession called for it recognition as a distinct body of engineering in faculties of engineering across the country’s Higher Institutions. It also recommended that this be reflected in the scheme of service in civil services at the federal, State and local governments level and to have its own COREN seal. It noted that this is already obtainable in many countries and will help in advancement of the profession.

On Local Content, the Institution pointed out that despite the benefits of the Executive Order 5 signed by president Muhammadu Buhari, for development of local engineering contents in all projects, programs, works, construction, infrastructure development, goods and services across the country, it has yet to gain full traction as a result of weak enforcement. it suggested COREN should provide condusive environment towards creation of Third Force in conjuction with NSE. The Third Force, according to NIEE will serve as pressure group to fight for improved and more rewarding services for engineers.

Further, the Institution urged COREN to Collaborate with Nigerian Society of Engineers to strengthen all divisions of engineering in discharge of their mandate to develop members’ professional capacities through Mandatory Continuous Professional Development program in their areas of specialisation.

In attendance at the meeting are the National Chairman of the Institution, Engr. O.E.S Ajani, Engr.S. M. Odukoya, National Vice-Chairman NIEE. And COREN Representatives.

The COREN President was later decorated with the fellowship of the Institution (along with 20 others) as distinguished engineers that have contributed immensely to sustainable development in Nigeria.

The fellowship conferment public lecture was delivered by Prof. Eli Jidere Bala, Director General and Chief Executive Officer at the Energy Commission of Nigeria. The theme of this edition is: Clean, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Accelerating Energy Access and Environmental Sustainability.

NIEE Charges COREN to Strengthen fight against Quacks, Advocates Creation of pressure Group to Fight for Engineers' Rights


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