First Research Projects Exhibition: A paradigm shift from the ordinary to the Extraordinary!

A Recently organised 5-star exhibition led by 5G minds tagged: The Research Projects Exhibition’s Maiden Edition was a huge success. How?

Many great projects were exhibited such as:Design of a fuel-less generator, Innovative courseware content conversion for e-learning platform, Wireless phone charger, Development of a mobile automated corn starch processing model, Novel courseware development content for e-learning platform, just to name a few.
Students gave a presentation and received feedback on their idea.

Lower-level students came around to ask questions and get inspiration from the projects that had been completed. It was a true eye-opener for youngsters, as well as an experience for the seniors. Some projects received bronze, silver, and gold awards. Students in their final year and students from other levels were given an abundance of chances to sell their skills to the world.

After all of this, the phrase “One sky! Thousands of thoroughly prepared graduates” is proven true. All of the graduates have been placed delicately on high pedestals and given wings to soar. They have the entire sky to themselves from here on out to decide how high they wish to soar.

Truly, whatever is led by great minds can never be small. This exhibition serves as a springboard for AI4CE and the Department of Mechatronics Engineering to do even more.


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