I Started Manufacturing Airplanes When I Was 15yrs Old – Boy Says

The world needs men of purpose, men who are creative, Nigerian youths can now be respected all over the world, they can also create things that the white people create. The problem we have is that there are no adequate facilities to create things. But despite the lack of facilities, many talented Nigerian youths have raised their heads and shown the world what they are capable of doing with their time, they have shown people that there are a lot of talented youths in the country.

A 20 years old boy known as Keneth Akobundu has narrated how he started creating mechanical stuff that has engines, he manufactures cars, planes, and bikes. He’s able to manufacture anything that has to do with the engine. He disclosed that he started manufacturing planes when he was 15 years old.

He tested the plane then, he crashed and had a big injury in his leg. He still worked on it, believing it will surely fly one day. It took him a lot of time before he could make it fly. He worked tirelessly to make it functional, and fortunately, it worked.

He said his family and friends support him financially. He tested the plane where many people were gathered, everyone wanted to see his plane fly, many people wanted to experience this innovation. He said he will like to work with plane manufacturing companies, and he will do very well.


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