PLAPOLY has monitored the events that have degenerated to today’s unfortunate students’ protest and proclamation by the Management of the Polytechnic allegedly ‘calling off the strike’;

Worried too that ASUP seems to be erroneously blamed for what has happened, ASUP wishes to categorically put the records straight for the avoidance of doubt by its members, students and the general public:

1. When the ASUP national strike was suspended on 13 June 2021, it was the responsibility of the Management of Plapoly to re-open the institution, not ASUP. For the Management to have allowed the students’ protest to push it to do what it should have done since, should not in anyway be blamed on ASUP;

2. Therefore, since June 13 2021, ASUP Plapoly Exco and members were anxiously awaiting the official reopening of the school through a Management directive but alas, it never did;

3. Since negotiation has been ongoing between JUAPSTI and the government even before the suspension of ASUP national strike, JUAPSTI has not declared any strike yet and so institutions that have been in session in the State have not breached the position of JUAPSTI with regards to the ongoing negotiation with the PLSG;

4. As at today, JUASPTI has rejected any delegation of negotiation to the Management/Council by the government, and the government has also accepted to continue and possibly favourably conclude negotiation with JUAPSTI by early next week. Until there’s a failure in the negotiation, JUAPSTI has not failed to carry out the mandate of its various Congresses to declare a strike when and if necessary;

5. ASUP-PLAPOLY wishes to urge its members to ‘officially’ return to their duty posts since the Management has now deemed it right to reopen the school.

Be assured that the struggle continues until what rightly should be done by the government is done!

Aluta continua!
Victoria ascerta!

Publicity Secretary,
ASUP Plapoly


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