Amos Omopeloye: TRIBUTE TO A QUINTESSENTIAL ICON by Ayo Fanimokun

I find it a hard task to write this tribute … I have thought long and hard about how to do just that, but mere words could never do justice to the incredible man, Engineer par excellence I came to be fond of and appreciate: yes, very difficult to believe that you are gone; because your exit is just like a dream, that left me devastated coupled with the vacuum you have left behind. But very grateful and glad for those years of friendship, camaraderie and fellowship with joy that we shared together.

I don’t know where to start, what to write, or even how to phrase this tribute, however, reality struck me that “Death is the door to eternity”.

Baba Omo, Baba Agba or Engr. Aah Aah, as you are fondly called, death is not the end of your life but your birthday to eternal life. Earth has only served as a temporary residence; therefore, life is a temporary assignment. Psalm 119:19a (AMP) says “I am a stranger on earth”.

It is difficult to forget the roles you played in peoples’ lives and how can I forget the way you used to call me “OGA MI” whilst holding my hand; a name that has stuck among your peers.

You lived the life of a great man rendering services to God and humanity throughout your lifetime. Not just an epitome of civility but a man of a very high dependable disposition who saw courage as the ability to stand tall in the face of opposition and challenges.

Baba Omo attained and contributed at the highest level of Civil Engineering [not only being one of those who transformed enviable Civil Division into widely acclaimed and respected Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers but creating a viable culture that has continued to nurture many individuals who can hold their heads high in every cranny and sphere of our country be in politics, public, corporate and private institutions nationwide]; and achieved a niche for himself as a Past National Chairman. He earned the respect of people around him; his influence, advice and friendship were sought after by many people within and without. Because he was a FATHER to all, ENGINEER to all and open-minded to all. He has played his part very well and shall be greatly missed.

You were an instrument through which many achieved their various desires. You affected the lives of many by extending your kindness, hospitality, comfort and ever joking with cheerful nature to all who came across you during your earthly odyssey.

Though we realise that life is a temporary assignment but nature will one day stand and say “THIS WAS A MAN”. Therefore, we will NEVER forget YOU.

Our identity is in eternity and our homeland is in heaven. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them. [Rev. 14:13]. Deacon, you have fought the good fight and gone home with your crown to be with the LORD where there is no more pain.

ENGR Aah Aah, rest in the Lord until we meet to part no more, may HE hold you in the palm of HIS hand….

Engr. Ayo Fanimokun FNSE, FNIMechE, FCArb, MASME


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