NGO set to create 2m jobs to curb unemployment


Global Employment for Self Development and Generational Productivity Initiatives (GESDGPI), a Non-Govermental Organisation, says it is set to create two million Jobs to empower Nigerian youths and curb unemployment.

The Convener of the initiative, Mr Enoch Akinsola, who disclosed this at a news conference in Abuja on Wednesday stressed that Nigeria had a lot of talented and hardworking youths.

”We hope to empower people with funds, training, equipment, office space and we will create power using renewable energy where needed.

”We have hardworking people who only require office space to do an excellent work; some just require constant power, while others need a little financial support.

“We plan to make all this available to Nigerians,” Akinsola said.

He said that joblessness was a global menace, with more impact in Africa and especially Nigeria, which had reduced capacity and productivity, leaving millions of the youth and families vulnerable to poverty, crime and self destruction.

”When the project starts we intend to increase productivity, give youths equal opportunity to work, reduce crimes and help restore the self dignity that comes from labour.

”Every expectant and hopeful youth will be given an opportunity to productivity and, through this, many youths with arm in hands can live peaceful lives.

”This will also curb youth restiveness and help them have a viable source of livelihood which will in turn relive many down trodden families and hand them sign of relief,” he said.

The convener also said that with hardship in the country, citizens were still giving their best in their various areas of specialisation.

According to him, arrangement has been concluded to launch relevant goals aimed to restore the green economy of Nigeria and create an enabling environment for job opportunities for youths.

“Creativity will attract funds and Nigerians must reduce waste if we must grow, we must also spend wisely and manage our resources effectively.

”We plan to take this job creation to the grassroots, not just at the capital. We must go back to develop our rural communities not wasting time at the capital,” he added.



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