EXPERIENCE is not sold in the market

Everything you lay yourhands on during and after schooling is counted as EXPERIENCE for you.

Experience does not necessarily means number of times you did something but the something you can do.

I started doing AutoCAD structural drawings for buildings while I was still in school (level 3) precisely, I played with it, did some jobs for penny and most times free and when I graduated I was Already a pro in AUTOCAD.

That AUTOCAD was an experience for me that no one can take away.

While awaiting NYSC, I read a job advert ( Draught man) during an NSE meeting, I went for it, met other other applicants, guess what, I was the only one taken as my AUTOCAD experience paved way for me.

The company did not even know I wasn’t a full fledged Engr until I submitted my NYSC call-up letter 4 months later (The rest is now history)

In that company I was able to translate from Draughting to Design Engineering on the job.

The bottom line is this: EXPERIENCE is not only gotten after graduation, every little things you encounter in relation to your field is experience.

You don’t have to have knowledge on all subject matter in your field, the little you have, strongly push it forward.

Your 3 months SIWES is experience.
Your 6 months IT, is one.
Your 12 months NYSC is another.
Your personal efforts is a bigger experience.

EXPERIENCE is not sold in the market.

EXPERIENCE is what you can do, what you can do is EXPERIENCE.

-Fola Aibinuola


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