Isqil Najim: Support them or get the Hell out of their way!

A new generation of young engineers and innovators are slowly rising.

In all fields of human endeavours, they are making their mark. They are not yet there but they are aiming at the top. They know the country is hard and that the leaders don’t care about them but they have chosen to swim with the sharks and birth their visions. Their sweat commingled with tears and covered by outward smile and optimism.

Undaunted by the challenges before them they are aiming to rebuild their country by first taking care of themselves. You may not be hearing much of them because they are busy nurturing innovations and ideas and labour for success.

They are living examples of the quote: “the men who build the future are those who know that greater things are yet to come and that they themselves can help bring them about.”

They are not seeking pity party and are tired of complaining about the wrong in the society. So they are doing something on their own by channeling their inner energy and knowledge into building the world they dream of.

Nigeria, do not frustrate them! These are no ordinary young people. If they fail, you are finished! Arise and support them or just get the hell out of their way and let them succeed!



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