Ex NSE President Emphasizes need for more Environmental Engineers as Engineers Extol Muyideen Akinsanya as a “Bridge Builder”

The Nigerian Institution of Environmental Engineers, NIEE under the leadership of Engr OES Ajani held its first Muyideen Abayomi Akinsanya Public Lecture in honour of Engr AKinsanya who has been described as bridge builder by colleagues and associates for Steller qualities that stood him out. The theme of the event: “M.A. Akinsanya: The Environmental Engineer, The Bridge Builder” lends credence to this as eminent personalities attended the event which was organized both offline and via video conference.

Ex NSE President Emphasizes need for more Environmental Engineers as Engineers Extol Muyideen Akinsanya as a "Bridge Builder"The Guest Speaker at the event, Engr Olorunfemi Isaac Ademola, a former President of Nigerian Society of Engineers, did justice to the theme as he discussed roles of environmental engineers and  their critical contributions to a sustainable society. He outlined the contributions of Engr Akinsanya as a Civil and Environmental Engineer both to the profession and humanity.

Speaking on critical roles of Environmental engineers, Olorunfemi observed that our environment has been stressed by various human activities with attendant unwanted consequences of wastes, pollutions and other harmful chemicals released to the environment. These are are disrupting the natural ecosystem and endanger other living species.

Olorunfemi said that the need to create balance between human activities and conserving the environment has brought greater awareness on the impact of various human activities and the resulting climate change.

The former NSE President highlighted the impacts of environmental degradations  such as health concerns, pollutions, and their huge costs. He pointed out that the interlocking relationship between other fields of engineering and environmental engineering is why they are nicknamed the “bridge builders”. They apply techniques of engineering technology to clean up wastes generated from indiscriminate and unsustainable use of that technology.

He advocated the adoption of “Borrow-Use return-model” as against “take-make-waste model” as part of efforts to achieve sustainable society while calling for more experts in the field.

Furthermore, Olorunfemi spoke on the need for engineers to also serve as role models in the society and among their professional colleagues. In this regard, one man went further in translating this role as a bridge builder from technical to social area and he is Engr Muyideen Abayomi Akinsanya who epitomizes the works of environmental engineers while also replicating this in human interactions.

Engr Olorunfemi said Engr Akinsanya as a civil and  environmental engineer is a quintessential professional, who deployed his technical knowhows into designs, applications and implementations of various high profile projects and solutions addressing the environmental challenges, particularly in Lagos.

Born in Isale Eko of Lagos, Engr Muyideen Akinsanya had his primary, secondary and earlier tertiary education in Lagos before proceeding to United States of America where be bagged Bachelor and Masters in Civil Engineering. He is a Fellow of Nigerian Society of Engineers and Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers, as well as membership of other professional bodies both in and outside Nigeria.

He retired as Permanent secretary at Lagos State Ministry of the Environment in 2015. Before then, he had served as Permanent Secretary in  Lagos State Ministry of Rural Development, Lagos State Parastatals Monitoring office (PMO), Lagos State Ministry of Housing. He also worked as  Director Multi-Lateral Projects – Lagos State Ministry of the Environment and various other senior  positions within Lagos State Government and private establishments including abroad.

While in service, he handled various projects such as the World Bank Assisted Lagos Drainage and Sanitation Projects and hosts of others through which he contributed immensely to the growth of the development of Lagos and particularly civil and environmental profession.

Ex NSE President Emphasizes need for more Environmental Engineers as Engineers Extol Muyideen Akinsanya as a "Bridge Builder"

What people Say about Engr Muyideen Akinsanya ?

…foremost Drainage Engineer in Lagos State.
…A team player he was also involved in mentoring junior colleagues.
…Engr. Akinsanya is full of milk of kindness as demonstrated by his being always willing and ready to assist any officer in need. I benefited from the milk of kindness shortly after my retirement before commencement of payment of my pension. I requested and received a loan from him only for him to convert it to a gift when I was about to repay.
…Engr. Akinsanya is a very loyal person and he exhibited the trait as a civil servant especially to all his superiors.

– by Engr. Babatunde Adeyemi OSHODI, FNSE, FNIEE

…He is a well seasoned and accomplished Engineer. …He is a mentor.…His engineering and managerial skills are exceptional.
…He excelled more in selflessness and easy to approach on any issue.
…God continue to bless him and give us the strength to emulate him and do more for humanity.

– by Engr. Adegbite, M.O. FNSE

…He is senior, father, confidant and Oga.
…He is a part of my success story.
…He is a man that believe in successful succession.
…He is indeed a bridge builder.

– by Engr. Adedayo Orisatoki

…He is bravery, forthright and kind.
…He is a general that leads from the front and will readily tell how to get things done.
…He is a leader par excellence.
…Extremely supportive.

– By Engr. N. O. Shodehinde FNSE, FNIEE (Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment & Drainage Services(ODS & WR))

Ex NSE President Emphasizes need for more Environmental Engineers as Engineers Extol Muyideen Akinsanya as a "Bridge Builder"“My movement very early to the National Level at the 1999 AGM received a Great Deal of Boost from Engr. Akinsanya and the Ikeja Branch Family. The planning and execution of the 1st truly NSE International Conference- Ikeja ’97 , took a rigorous planning and execution of the Master Planner, Strategist and Motivator Engr. RaIph Adeola Alabi as LOC Chairman and President Habu Gumel then Vice President, Publicity and Programme took 2 solid years. The 1st year saw a handful of ‘Omo Abas’ working with Aba to showcase Ikeja Branch as a Leading Light. With the Conference a few months to go, there was a dire need for fund to move forward, as all expectations of finance was not forthcoming for various reasons, including Ikeja Branch paying for the ‘sin’ of supporting Engr. Habu Gumel ambition to contest the Deputy President Election. A clarion call came up from Engr. Ralph Alabi and the LOC/CPC for Members to donate generously to keep Ikeja ’97 on course. Engr. Akinsanya made the largest single donation of N150k and went on to drive Fund Raising to another Pedestal from Members, Ministries and Agencies.

– by Engr. Ademola Isaac Olorunfemi, FNSE, FNIAE, FNIEE, FNATE, FNIM

Akinsanya was very supportive of my rise to the unexpected Presidency of NSE that took me through 6 successful elections as Executive Committee Member, 2 out of 3 as Vice President and 1 of 2 as Deputy President/President-Elect. Again today, I salute Engr. Akinsanya, Lagos Zone NSE Members and Distinguished  Members of NSE across the divide Nationwide, for giving a Minority; Agricultural Engineer and a Teacher to serve the Society at the highest level. I will never take the honour for granted. – by Engr. Ademola Isaac Olorunfemi, FNSE, FNIAE, FNIEE, FNATE, FNIM

Report by Isqil Najim (follow on twitter @Isqilnajim )


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