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10 Year Old girl Mechanic Gets Scholarship From Primary School To University Level, courtesy of Autolady Foundation


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Following the discovery of a 10 year old girl mechanics, Autolady Inspire Foundation, a CSR arm of the Autolady Synergy Coy Ltd, founded by Ms Joyce Deser Adams has offered scholarship to Miss Veirat Joseph which will cover also her education, mentoring and career development from primary school to university level, Isqil Najim reports.

The action was sequel to a picture post on social media which featured a certain 10 year old mechanics in Jos, Plateaus state. As someone committed to the development of girl child, Ms Joyce Daser Adams wasted no time in locating the girl at her father’s workshop along with a team which also include Alewa House President and Executive board member of Autolady Inspire Foundation, Retnan Daser. Others are Timbyen Daser, Hannah Solomon, Alexander Pius and Ruth Ki.

At the workshop, the team found the excited Veirat Joseph and work. There on the spot assessment of young Veirat impressed the team.

“Veirat can disassemble and assemble a generator. She can detect and fix basic technical faults in generators.”- Mr. Joseph, Veirat’s father who was present during the visit said.

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“We are taking her to the best school in Bukuru.” Ms Adams, who’s the first female to establish Auto Mechanics Workshop in northern Nigeria declares. She added that the foundation is determined to guide her and she will be mentored until she discover her life mission.

Ms. Adams said the gesture is a part of the mission of Auto Lady Inspire Foundation to ensure that girl child from Northern Nigeria are equipped with sound and functional education.

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A member of Autolady Inspire Foundation, Retnan Daser, described the scholarship support as very significant not only to girl-child but also to the society, especially in the northern Nigeria.

Young Veirat started her journey at age 2 in her father’s workshop where she initially played around and helping with the basic but sooner grew into the work and acquired basic skills in generator repair .

Born on the 12th of July 2011 into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pam from Jos South local government of Plateau State, Veirat said she was motivated by her Dad who is a Generator mechanic. According to her: “my father is my greatest motivation, he inspires me a lot whenever I see him fixing generators and motorcycles.”

However, Veirat started working with her Father at the garage two years ago when she was 8 years old.

According to her father, Veirat is so passionate about Generator repairs work at early age that she often comes around to watch him work whenever she’s back from school.. By watching him work, Veirat developed interest in fixing generators and thus her apprenticeship at the garage unfolded.

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According to Autolady Inspire Foundation Founder Mrs. Joyce Daser Adams, a mechanical engineer and also a member of Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers, NIMechE; the Foundation was established to increase awareness that engineering is also a career for girls, thereby encouraging more women to achieve professional excellence as engineers and leaders.

It will be recalled that the foundation also had once initiated Girls Auto Squad along with is partners, which also included Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers, NImechE as part of the efforts to support female graduate engineers who want to go into auto mechanics career.

Report by isqil Najim

For more information about or support for Autolady Inspire Foundation contact; autoladyfoundation@gmail.com +2347036701716

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