Ikeja Branch New Chairman, Tosin Ogunmola Sets bold agenda, promises a new dawn

Distinguished Ladies & Gentlemen

This was disclosed during the investiture of the new chairman in Lagos. He trace the rich heritage of the Branch to its founding fathers who set out to what has now become its motto “building a viable engineering culture”.

For over 27 years, Ogunmola said, the Branch has uphold this ethic and successive chairmen of the Branch have left it better than then met it. It is on this premise that he has set out a building on this foundation during the next two year with goal of  taking “Engineering Further with Leadership, Excellence, Transformation and Sustainability.”

Ogumola said his tenure will be build around empowerment of members  by creating the Branch as a value center for the professional development to elevate Engineering by building the Branch as an influential corporate citizen in Lagos State that takes the lead in driving a state-wide Engineering Development Plan.

Our strategic action plan in realizing this objective is built on the following novel initiatives:

Some of the plans include: NSE-Ikeja Engineering Innovation Hub: A state-of-the-art Research & Development (R&D) center  that will aim at  collaboration with technical partners and funding partners, resources are pulled together for technologies and equipment

The Branch also planned to embark on in-house training for innovators and enable them improve on the innovations until a scalable product is developed out of the innovations. It shall be a refining hub to move the innovations from their raw states to finished products that are commercially viable. This will require taking the innovators in the numbers available funds could accommodate per time and working with them through the refining process alongside other components such as research and training, etc, etc.

The The NSE Ikeja Online Engineering Resources Portal: The NSE Ikeja OERP is envisioned as an online platform hosted on the Branch’s website to showcase and project the profiles of our members for employment, contract and consultancy jobs. Each profile is to give spotlights of each member’s Curriculum Vitae, Past Projects, Competencies, etc, etc. This platform would be given intensive publicity to partner organizations towards ensuring it becomes employers’ and contract-awarding companies’ first-choice one-stop shop for Engineering talents, hires and vendors certified by the Society and the Branch. This is aimed at creating and widening opportunities for members. To enhance the capacity of members in this regard, a PDU-based webinar framework shall be introduced, which will qualify members’ profiles for verification on the portal to enhance their chances with employers and contract-awarding companies.
 The Strategic Partnership Enabling Engineering Development (SPEED) Initiative: The SPEED initiative is envisioned as a platform to facilitate an inter-sector Integrated Engineering Development Plan comprising of modules in Engineering education, Engineering practice and Engineering policies. The SPEED initiative shall bring to the table both individual and institutional partners across the three stakeholders of the Academia, Industry and Government. Though it will be driven by the Branch, SPEED will have a stand-alone functional administration that will drive the SPEED Action Plan of activities as facilitated by the Branch to include collaborative works on the identified gaps in the different stakeholders’ sectors towards enhancing specific parameters of Engineering
Development in the country and it will have a Secretariat headed by a Director-General.
 Lagos State Engineering State Drive: The Branch will be at the driving seat of advancing Engineering development in Lagos State by developing indices around the Engineering state of the State, developing practical Engineering solutions to thematic challenges bedevilling the State and putting forward a Compendium of the Lagos State Engineering State as a working tool of engagement with the State Government and the Private Sector in midwifing projects to address the identified gaps and create a measurement framework to track progress in Engineering development in the State. To this end, the Branch shall be instituting a Biennial Engineering State of the State Address. And to drive this initiative, study groups are already set up, working on four different sectors of the State and four specific challenges in the State.
In addition to these flagship initiatives, the Branch shall be spearheading Engineering advocacy in collaboration with the other NSE Branches, NSE Divisions and other relevant Organizations on the following key issues:
 Engineering Standards – To harmonize all past efforts in this regard and push for the publication and general adoption of Nigerian Engineering Standards.
 State-of-Art Industrial Workshops – As part of the work of the relevant Standing Committee(s) of the Branch, to drum up support for industries to set up standard workshops to facilitate the work of Engineers and other Engineering workmen in the factories.
 NYSC-Industry Mapping – Working with the NYSC to have Engineering graduates posted to companies in the network of the Branch’s Engineering Community for their NYSC Primary Assignment.
The crowning endeavour to underline the sustainability of our work is our plan to establish an active Young Engineers Forum and a well-functioning STEM Cell in the Branch to support the dreams, aspirations and creativity of our young ones and have their projects flow into the framework of the Engineering Innovation Hub.
We will not be doing all of these all alone. And it is the reason we are driving to create a Network of Partners across the different strata of the society, including but not limited to the following: the Engineering industry, international professional associations, the media, the technology hubs, indigenous professional and economic hubs such as the chambers of commerce, development partners, passionate individuals, etc, etc. It is our intention to work with all well-meaning individuals and organizations to redirect Engineering as the driving force for the development we desperately need as a nation and as a people. In the words of Adrian Bejan, “without Engineering, civilization does not exist”. This is very instructive for us as a nation.
Our inauguration comes up on Tuesday, 8th December 2020 at the Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, Ikeja and we plan it to be a convergence of partners in progress on the initiatives highlighted above as we will be considering Engineering Development as catalyst for National Development.
We will be looking at raising at least the sum of #100M Naira over the next 9 months to undertake the implementation of the initiatives and we look up to our prospective partners to concretely work with us in this regard in order to create the opportunities inherent in these initiatives, thereby yielding benefits for the polity towards the creation of a Lagos State and a Nigerian society sustainably Engineering-enabled as a force to reckon with in the burgeoning fourth industrial revolution.
We are poised to play our part and play it well in driving collaboration and strategic partnership that will enable our administration realize its noble objective to TAKE ENGINEERING FURTHER.


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