Environmental Engineers elect New national Executive Members

The Nigerian Institution of Environmental Engineers (NIEE) has elected new National Executive members to join the serving National Chairman, Engr Olalekan Emeka Sulaiman Ajani to pilot the affairs of the Institution for the next one year.

The election held after teh Annual General meeting of the Institution at NECA House, Lagos. The following are the full executive members.

  1. Engr.O.E.S. Ajani FNSE,FNIEE – National Chairman
  2. Engr.S.M. Odukoya MNSE,FNIEE – National Vice-Chairman
  3. Engr. O.M. Ojowuru MNSE,FNIEE -National General Secretary
  4. Engr.Caius I.Umekesiobi MNSE,FNIEE – National Assistant General Secretary
  5. Engr.N.A.Ogunyemi MNSE,FNIEE- National Treasurer
  6. Engr. A.M. Gege MNSE,FNIEE- National Financial Secretary
  7. Engr. Dr. Hilary I.Owamah MNSE,FNICE,FNIEE- National Technical Secretary
  8. Engr.Dr.Sunday Egbiki MNSE,MNIEE- National Assistant Technical Secretary
  9. Engr.Dr.B.I.O.Dahunsi MNSE,FNIEE – National Membership Secretary
  10. Engr. Mohammed Abdulraham FNSE,FNIEE – National Exco-Officio I
  11. Engr.Prof.Josiah M.Ayotamuni FNSE,FNIEE- National Exco-Officio II
  12. Engr. Mrs.O.O.Agboola MNSE,FNIEE – National Exco-Officio III
  13. Engr.Mrs. I.A. Lawal MNSE,FNIEE- National Exco-Officio IV
  14. Engr.N.O.Guobadia MNSE,FNIEE- National Exco-Officio V
  15. Engr. M.A. Yinusa MNSE,FNIEE- Immediate Past National Chairman.

The Nigerian Institution of Environmental Engineers is one of the divisions of the Nigerian Society of Engineers saddled with the responsibility to cater for the professional development of Engineers with bias in water, solid, liquid and gaseous wastes, civil, Agriculture, Chemical, Industrial, Petroleum, mechanical, Electrical, Safety, Power Engineering and others for Sustainable Environment. In effect, the Division can indeed be called “mother of all Divisions” of the Nigeria Society of Engineers, reason being that every practicing Engineer has an impact on the environment.

The Institution was founded on 12th February, 1995, when the Nigerian Society of Engineers gave the nod on its creation. Since its creation, the Division has continued to soldier on in its effort to contribute towards the development, maintenance, preservation/sustainability of the nation’s environmental needs. This is in fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the Institution which among other things are: to bring together practicing Environmental Engineers for Technology, Social and Economic changes as well as to develop the environmental policies for sustainable development in Nigeria.


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