In Defence of Kano – Daura-Maradi Railway lines by Hamza Ibrahim Baba

Daura, the historic base of the ancient seven Hausa States, Hausa Bakwai, and now part of Katsina State, is full of historic and social values. Since the beginning of its existence as the ancestral home of the Hausa Bakwai in the ancient times, at least in the political classification sense, this city, occupying a vantage position in the Western Sudan, has enjoyed substantial love and reverence in African and world history (Wikepedia)

Recently, a new bilateral economic and cross border co-operation agreement has been sealed between Nigeria, and Niger Republic geared at creating a new trade corridor along the Kano-Jigawa-Daura-Zinder geo-economic sphere of the two countries.The new bilateral frame work of cross-border co-operation between the two neighboring would be leveraging on the successes recorded under the on-going Kano-Katsina-Maradi (K2M) corridor between the two countries.The agreement was signed in collaboration with the Governments of Jigawa, Kano, and Katsina state, as well as the Zinder Region of Niger Republic with Technical and Financial support of IFAD-Niger Programme through the Family Farming Programme (ProDAF) – (DailyTrust)

Therefore inline with the above , it is a well conceived decision to build a Railway line from Kano to Daura and even further link it to Niger Republic.

This corridor driven development approach will create conducive environment that will boost economic activities between Nigeria and Niger Republic.

The move is also aimed at ameliorating cross-border flows of agro-pastoral products, as well as facilitates linkages of development poles and transportation systems. It will also help in removing all hindrances affecting cross-border business transactions.

Since we are talking of economic integrations among the West African States, why are some people being myopic about this very important step taken?

In case you don’t know, Daura is a very important, historic town known for Commerce, rich history and is strategically located linking Nigeria and Niger Republic.

Hamza I Baba


  1. I was really waiting for you to hit the nail on the head but your explanation is vague, to say the least. You have succeeded in telling us how important Daura is. You can do better. You’re trying to convince people, please give a good background of the existing economic activities, benefits to the country at large especially in the midst of this economic downturn. From your explanation, this rail stands to benefit Daura alone.


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