Day 2: Opening Remark Delivered By the NUESA National President Dauda Monsuru Olatunji 

Dauda Monsuru Olatunji
Topic : Bridging the gap between academic and industrial requirements
The president of Nigeria Society of Engineer,
The invites panelists
The BTG coordinator
NUESA National exco members
Chapter presidents
The moderator
All engineering students at home and in diaspora
Greeting you all with all form of greetings, my name is Dauda Monsuru Olatunji, I am the National President of the Nigerian engineering students in Nigeria. It is my pleasure to this second phase of this first National Engineering Summit.
Today, we are going to be deliberating on bridging the gap between the academic and industrial requirements with guides from our elders and experts in various fields. We have carefully put them together for the purpose.
The recent graduate internship report gave an insight into the level of urgency required to address the challenges in Nigeria’s Labour market, which is facing one of the worst unemployment crises
in its history.
The summit also seeks to provide a conducive environment where engineering students from well accredited institution gather to learn, compete, interact and also meet with prolific engineers. This would better equip students for the growth and development of the Nigerian Engineering Sector and Economy and to further groom the students on excellent leadership skills.
Invited guests, chairman of the occasion and distinguished colleagues, we have come a long way to put all these together amidst all odds. This is telling us that we must continue to innovate our ways out of every crises as professional and young engineers. Once again, I welcome you all this 5-Day summit.
Fellow students, I enjoin you to maximize this opportunity to best use.


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