Workshop: Fiscal Oil and gas Metering and Custody Transfer: Use of Fiscal Engineer Software

Nigeria loses over 1Trillion Naira annually and 10billionUSD between 2012 to 2015 alone to poor oil and gas metering by official figures while actual combined loss from government and operators is put by experts at 25million to 100millionUSD daily.

Effective and qualitative Fiscal Metering and Custody Transfer skills, techniques and strategies are key to profit and overall production optimization, business continuity and performance outlook, as even subdecimal changes in accuracy means millions of dollars gain/loss which is of strong impact on organization’s bottom line, business continuity and performance

The Nigerian Society of Engineers, Victoria Island Branch in collaborations with the Advanced School of Power, Oil and Gas (ASPOG Nigeria), presents a high impact training workshop including software application towards improved fiscal oil and gas metering and custody transfer in order to minimize loss and improve profit.

No previous knowledge in metering is requited and non-experts are welcomed. See details on flyer.

Who to Attend

Production Managers
Metering and instrumentation Technicians
Control and Instrumentation engineers
Export terminal personnel
Petroleum Economists
Oil and Gas Business Development Executives
Oil and Gas auditors, Accountants and Lawyers
Interested non-experts


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