Adeniran Ibitoye Charges Young Engineers: Equip yourselves with new ideas in entrepreneurship, leadership skills and politics

A Special Adviser to Osun State Governor Oyetola on Water Resources and Energy, and  vice President of Nigerian Society of Engineers, Engr Adeniran Ibitoye has advised young engineers to equip themselves for the challenges ahead.

He said this during the recently organised Adigun Arewa Mentorship Scheme by the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Ikeja Branch.

During his address, he noted that the theme of the second Edition of the mentoring scheme: “Young Engineers: The Catalyst for National Development”  is fitting to the the need of the country as it  guide increasing number of graduates from tertiary institutions every year towards finding their calling outside the ivory tower and also contribute to national development

He urged the young Engineers to release themselves for mentorship by professional Engineer. who will guide them towards becoming true engineers that is able to apply his knowledge gained in application of science and engineering.

He counselled the younger ones to exercise  caution in the use of social media as it may distract them even as he acknowledge their positive impacts. Saying they should be wary of being carried away by the negative applications.

Further, he counselled, “for a young Engineer to develop to an appreciable point of adding value to national development, a pupil Engineer must make up his/her mind to be focused, trainable, be a good mentee, have a mentor and must develop self by acquiring skills, more knowledge in specifics areas, learn to be a volunteer, and have a positive attitude to work and life.”

“This will help you to cope and compete effectively with others and puts you ahead of your peers. I want to urge our youths to equip themselves with new ideas in entrepreneurship, leadership skills and politics.” he said.

“If all the above mentioned can be achieved, it will place you in the better position of adding value to the national development and enhance the national economy.” He stressed,

He listed some areas of the  Nigerian economy  that await drastic measure(s) to be addressed and challenged the young engineers to leverage on the abundant opportunities to address them. These are: Power, Agriculture, Water, Health, Education, Manufacturing, Production, Financial, Infrastructure (Railway, roads), Policies, services etc.

“I  am sure you will see that the present generation is looking forward to your manifestation to make Nigeria great again. Make a pledge today to be that change you want to see. And when each of us do the talk, it will surely create a visible ripple effect and that is the dynamic we want to appreciate.”

If we say some fathers may have failed us, but do we stand to fail our own children? You and you have what it takes to change NIGERIA.

Earlier various speakers including Deputy Governor of Ogun State, Engr Noimot Salako-Oyedele,  NSE President Babagana Mohamed. Engr Aramide Adeyoye, Engr KUnle Adebajo, Engr yetunde Holloway etc spoke at the event.

The President of NSE President Babaganda Mohammed,  commended the efforts of the  the senior engineers in guiding the younger ones. He advised young engineers to watch and copy the attributes of senior engineers (mentors).. He spoke about some of the efforts by the NSE to support the younger ones at national level. L for instance the body took a bold step towards awarding scholarships to the young students who scored very high scores in jamb and interested in studying engineering and others including those still on the way.  He stressed also the need to begin to groom the younger ones for leadership.

Engr Noimot Salako Oyedele, Deputy Governor of Ogun state, commended the Branch and attendees on adhering to the NCDC guidelines on social distancing during the programme. She iterated that during this pandemic, the engineers have been playing fantastic roles to manage the virus.

She highlighted the roles of Nigerian engineers in construction of isolation centers, producing protective equipment and different ways to combat the virus through engineering solutions. She pointed out that the pandemic benefited Nigeria in a way by making the country look inwards on how to solve the problem. Hence, it is a golden opportunity for engineers after this pandemic to see how this process can be continued and create opportunities for the engineering sector in the Nigerian economy. She praised the chairman of the Branch, Engr Funmi Akingbagbohun and her team for the laudable initiative.

Special Adviser to Governor Sanwo-Olu On Works and Infrastructure, Engr Aramide Adeyoye enjoined the Senior engineers must live up to their expectations and guide the young ones. She observed that, curricular in engineering schools are outdated and entrepreneurship should be incorporated in the courses.  She further spoke about qualities recruiters are looking out for that can stand them out.

By Isqil Najim, Ayobami Ogundairo


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