Nigeria should tap its solar energy for power generation – Don

The Lead Researcher and Project Manager, German Aerospace Centre, Institute of Low-Carbon Industrial Processes, Germany, Dr Ibrahim Muritala, has said it is high time Nigeria explored its abundant solar energy to generate electricity.

He called on relevant stakeholders in the country, especially chemical engineers, to look into alternative energy at the local and state levels and at the same time encourage research activities based on Nigeria’s local resources and challenges.

Speaking as the facilitator at the virtual annual public lecture of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers, Lagos/Ogun chapter on Saturday, Muritala said professionals should look into technologies that could replace fossil fuels, to combat the effect of climate change.

In the lecture titled, ‘Solar-to-fuels and chemicals: State of the art research and technological development’ and moderated by Dr Edith Alagbe, Muritala said, “When we look at the amount of CO2 emitted from 1900 to around 2010, we realise that it has been increasing, resulting in health challenges. However, we don’t have any other world than to protect this one.

“Nigeria does not emit as much CO2 as countries like Saudi Arabia or United States, but we still emit some. From the wildfire in Australia to the floods in other parts of the world, including Nigeria, it is obvious that the dry places are getting drier while the wet places are getting wetter.

“Therefore, as chemical engineers, there are several windows of opportunities for us in this era of climate change and in line with the several suggestions made, the whole idea is to foster innovation to reduce industrial carbon emission.

“There is abundance of solar that can be utilised in different parts of Nigeria, and the only aspect is the need for proper measurement to be able to utilise it well. We also need to look into domesticating technology and innovation.”

He called on research institutions and universities to improve their knowledge and curriculum in solar and renewable technology.

by Tunde Ajaja, PUNCH.


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